Kurulus Osman Episode 17

Kurulus Osman Episode 17 in English Subtitles

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, You have offered me the Sanjak Beylic (Border bey) in return for my life. And now, I am offering you an honorable death, Balgay. Commander Balgay, how did Osman know that we would come here? I will learn before I cut his tongueKongar. Spread the fear in my heart that you spread around the world with your sword. I will rip your heart, Osman. . . Soldiers. . .  Be ready to die. . . For Erlik Han. . . Erlik Han. . . Allah is HAQQ. . .  (Truth)It will be the day of my mother and father, Kongar. May the dark steel hold on to my hand. . . . and may it cut infidel’s heads. Trap, ha? You forgot the grudge of the Mongols, Samsa Balgay will make you pay for it. Balgay must save himself from Osman Bey’s claws first.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, Try protecting yourself, Cerkutay. . . You, Cerkutay. . . . . . Cetin Alp. . . Take two Alps and follow that dog to his cave. . and destroy his cave on him. There must’ve been more men with Cerkutay. His dogs are with Balgay. We have to go help, Osman Bey. . . May I burn in the fire of Erlik Han if I die before making your generation go extinct. . . I will be your hell. . . Osman. . . I came here to take your life, Osman. . . Uncle. Your death has come, Osman. What is it?  Your uncle (Father’s Brother) came, aren’t you happy, Osman? You killed my son, my Batur, Osman. . . You dirtied our Suleyman Shah’s tent with the blood of a brother. . . Drown in your blood, die. . . What would you say if you saw me, son? My wings are broken.

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, There is a fire inside me, my sky-eyed son. If you saw me. . . . would you say, “Bear it, mother”? How can I resist, my son? I wish you hadn’t gone after Gunduz. I wish my tongue was cut. I did it to protect you, my child. Could I ever hurt you? I wanted to protect you. My heart is burning, my son. I can’t understand, mother. Would Osman hurt myBatur brother? There are no proofs or witnesses. Aygul. . . Don’t you know Osman? He killed your brother. Do you still love him? If you do, may your heart die out. . . Osman was the same when he was a child. He would do everything that he thought of. Neither his father nor Dundarcould makes him behave. I said that he would bring the ending of all of us. I couldn’t make them listen. My son paid for his guilt. Bamsi, Abdur-Rahman, Gunduz, Selcan. . .

In Kurulus Osman Episode 16, Did you go out to steal something or did you miss being a bandit? Osman killed my son, and you supported him. You will pay for it, HatunMy Batur was hurt because of your evilness. I thought you had a bit of a brain. Now you are burning in your mother’s fitna(evilness) fire. I am always with my mother. He has no power to spread fear. We are fighting tooth for a tooth. We will keep fighting. EyvAllah. We do not doubt that. Now we have a more important thing with Balgay. Princess Adelfa, who lives in Constantine will marry Mongol’s governor Geyhatu. That means the alliance of Mongols and Byzantine. Alliance for them, a disaster for Turks. Then the tribes at the border will be stuck between. Osman Bey, you have to prevent that marriage. Princess Adelfa doesn’t want this marriage. But the important thing is to take the princess from Geyhatu’s spies.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17

Do we know their route? They will probably go to Eskihisar after Nikea, then to Konya. You have to end this even if it means dying. I will do my best, I will ruin the traps of Byzantine and Mongols. EyvAllah.

Kurulus Osman Episode 17 in English Subtitles

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