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Kurulus Osman Episode 25 in English Subtitles

Review Kulurus Osman Episode 24

In Kurulus Osman Episode 24, Meanwhile, Hazal Hatun makes an entry on the screen of Kurulus Osman. Cerkutay meets with Noyan Subutay who asks him about Balgay as he wants to meet him. But Cerkutay refuses to tell him. Subutay threatens him while putting a sword on his throat. The food from Zohre Hatun’s hands slips down after she sees Hazal Hatun entering the Kayi Plain. Hazal Hatun goes straight to Dundar Bey and pays condolences for all that happened. Gunduz and Bamsi Bey come to say her welcome while she wants to give some gold to Gunduz Bey which was sent by her brother. Gunduz denies to accept it. Selcan Hatun also welcomes her in the tribe. Princess Sofia succeeded in reaching the castle and meets Salvador. He assures to take every precaution but Princess Sofia isn’t satisfied. She says that only the kayis can save her from the emperor. So, she sends Salvador to Kayi Tribe while saying that she wants to make an alliance with them. She also says that she is ready to accept every condition to make this alliance.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 24, Hazal Hatun asks about Osman Bey. Gunduz Bey tells her that he is busy with his wedding preparations. Bala Hatun and Osman Bey reach the Kayi plain. Bala Hatun kisses the hands of Hazal Hatun. Hazal tells her son Bahadir that she came here to defend him. As Salvador leaves the castle, Sofia tells Helen that why she has decided to do this. Hazal tries to defend Bahadir while claiming that he has only made a mistake but not betrayed the kayis. But Osman Bey says that his father Ertugrul will decide about them. Osman Bey also added that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and leaves the plain while inviting all of them to his wedding ceremony. On the other hand, Cerkutay comes to Balgay while Subutay is accompanying him. Subutay starts eating from Balgay’s plate. They talk about Geyhatu Han. Subutay tells him that his soldiers have died which makes Balgay angry and he pulls out his sword. Subutay informs him that Balgay is still an important commander for Geyhatu Han and he expects him to surrender Osman Bey to Geyhatu. The monk Alexis comes to Sofia and says that he is upset about what happened to Effendi Yannis. Sofia informs her that kayis are looking for a physician for Aygul. Alexis says that he is not a physician. Osman Bey and Selcan Hatun are talking about Hazal Hatun. Osman Bey says that Hazal came to plain for something else. Meanwhile, Hazal assigns a task to someone. She says to follow Zohre Hatun. Balgay and Kongar are practicing sword fighting while talking about Osman Bey. Cerkutay has been sent to Osman Bey with the message that Balgay is ready to fight Geyhatu Han. Balgay sent Cerkutay to execute Osman Bey during his wedding. Boran Alp and Konur Alp bet on winning the race. Meanwhile, Salvador reaches the Kayi plain.

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 24, Aygul’s condition is getting worst as she starts hoping for a baby. Salvador informs Osman Bey and Gunduz Bey about Sofia’s message. Osman Bey knows that she has some other plans. Bamsi Bey is also not of this opinion. Osman Bey after understanding the whole situation puts some conditions for the alliance. Osman Bey says that she has to come to the Kayi plain while announcing Osman Bey as the owner of that castle, embrace Islam, and marry Konur Alp. Salvador goes back while taking this message to Sofia. Alexis who was sent by Sofia also reaches there. Kongar who was following Cerkutay to save Osman Bey, starts fighting with him. Alexis gives some medicine to Zohre after examining Aygul. Then he says that he wants to talk Aygul. While Kongar was fighting with Cerkutay, Balgay shoots a poisoned arrow. The fake doctor Alexis tells Zohre Hatun that he has been sent by Sofia and hands over a poison to feed the goats. Osman Bey and the Alps start a race while carryning goats on their shoulders. Osman Bey comes out to be winner.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 24, Hazal Hatun talks to Dundar Bey. Alexis informs Sofia that he has completed his task. Sofia says that she will take the revenge of his father by turning the Kayi plain into cemetery. Selcan Hatun is choosing the goats to be cooked. Zohre Hatun secretly feeds these goats the poisonous food. Then Osman Bey’s wedding ceremony started with Turkish traditions. Dundar Bey is not attending the ceremony and remembering his mistakes. Sheikh Edebali prays to ALLAH Almighty for all of them. Aygul comes to Dundar Bey and says that they should attend the marriage ceremony of Osman Bey. Dundar Bey accepts his daughter’s saying and comes to the wedding place. Osman Bey gets up after seeing his uncle Dundar Bey and welcome him to the ceremony. Hazal is feeling that Zohre Hatun is restless.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 24, The cooked goat meat now has been served. Zohre Hatun gets off the table while pouring a drink on Aygul. She also asks Dundar Bey to come along with her. When they were about to start eating the goat meat, Hazal Hatun stands up and stops everyone to eat it. Osman Bey asks why she is stopping everyone. Hazal informs them that Zohre Hatun has poisoned the food. But Zohre Hatun refuses to accept this. Hazal asks Zohre Hatun to eat the meat first but she attacks Hazal Hatun. But Hazal Hatun stops her attack and cuts off her throat. Gunduz Bey gets angry but Hazal claims that she knows everything. Osman Bey asks her why she hasn’t informed them first.

So, what will happen in the next episode? Will Sofia come to the Kayi plain to embrace Islam and marry Konur Alp? What Balgay will do with Kongar? The Kayis will accept what Hazal is saying or not?

Kurulus Osman Episode 25 in English Subtitles

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