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Kurulus Osman Episode 24 in English Subtitles

Review Kulurus Osman Episode 23

As the Kurulus Osman Episode 23 started, we see Osman Bey meeting Gunduz and Bamsi Bey in the forest. Konur informs Osman Bey about the actions of Commander Boke. Balgay also arrives there along with his soldiers. Dundar Bey and Alisar Bey are waiting for Bahadir to bring some good news but he informs them that he lost the signs of the Konur Alp path. Alisar Bey is yet confident that he will set a trap for Osman Bey and changes his plan accordingly. Boke is also betraying Balgay to achieve his reputation back. After making a plan, Balgay sets off for the said location. Osman Bey plan’s to attack the Alisar’s mansion with the help of Sheikh Edebali and Ahis while Balgay is waiting for Alisar in the forest after setting a trap. Konur Alp also tells Osman Bey about the war preparations of Alisar Bey.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 23, Zohre and Aygul talk about the recent situation. Burcin comes there and informs them about the marriage of Bala Hatun and Osman Bey. Gunduz Bey and Bamsi Bey along with the Ahis are approaching the mansion of Alisar Bey secretly. Balgay sees a group coming towards them and they attack and execute all of them thinking that he is Alisar Bey but they were ordinary soldiers. Meanwhile, they are attacked by Dundar Bey and his soldiers. They executed all the soldiers of Balgay. Osman Bey attacks the place where Alisar Bey is staying but his Alps get injured. Alisar Bey and his soldiers have surrounded Osman Bey. On the other hand, Gunduz Bey, Bamsi Bey, and Bala Hatun along with the other Alps and Ahis attack the mansion. Balgay and Dundar Bey star fighting during which Bahadir shoots an arrow on Balgay.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 23, But Cerkutay and Kongar reach there along with the soldiers and save Balgay. Dundar Bey and Bahadir succeeded in escaping from there. Osman Bey starts fighting them after the arrival of more soldiers there. Boke and Alisar Bey run to save their lives but Osman Bey chases them. After executing all the soldiers of Alisar Bey, Bamsi Bey and the Alps are trying to open the door of the mansion. They succeeded in entering the mansion but Aygul, Zohre, and Burcin have already sneaked away. Bala Hatun, Gonja, and Selcan Hatun set out to chase them. Osman Bey is continuously chasing Alisar while executing his soldiers. Dundar Bey and Bahadir set out for the center place. Osman Bey finally captures Alisar Bey and they start fighting. After getting injured, Alisar Bey succeeded in throwing poison on Osman’s face which makes him weak and he begins to see blurry.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 23, Gunduz Bey along with all the soldiers celebrate their victory. Aygul tries to remove the signs after knowing that they are being followed. After reaching the center point, Dundar Bey and Bahdir find their soldiers dead. Boran Alp and other soldiers appear right at the moment. They are ready to fight but Konur tells them that they don’t want to fight them. Boke also reaches there and tries to attack Osman Bey but he succeeded in executing Boke. After that Osman Bey captures Alisar Bey. Aygul shoots an arrow at Bala Hatun but it hits Gonja. Then she starts fighting Bala Hatun. Bala Hatun says that she doesn’t want to hurt her but Aygul attacks her. Bala Hatun captures her too. Osman Bey tells Alisar Bey what he has done till now while Dundar Bey is listening to them.

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 23, After listening about Batur’s murder, Alisar speaks about Dundar Bey that he is doing everything to gain power. He says that Dundar Bey is stupid. Dundar Bey who was listening to them comes out but Osman Bey stops him. Dundar Bey starts regretting and crying. Osman Bey says that his father will decide the fate of Dundar Bey and his family. Bala Hatun succeeded in capturing Aygul and Zohre while Burcin gets severely injured. They brought them to Kayi Plain. Balgay is getting angry at Cerkutay while Osman Bey reaches there. He says Boke has betrayed them. Bamsi Bey gets emotional after seeing Burcin injured. He sends her to be treated. Osman Bey assigns some other tasks to Kongar. Bamsi Bey secretly comes to Burcin and talks to her. She opens her eyes and asks for forgiveness. Kongar comes to Balgay and they set off immediately. Osman Bey brings Alisar, Dundar, and Bahadir to the Kayi Plain. Alisar Bey says that he will take revenge. Osman Bey again repeats that his father Ertugrul will decide about the punishment of Dundar Bey and his family and send them to meet their family. Dundar Bey informs Aygul and Zohre that Alisar Bey is the murderer of their Batur Alp. Aygul gets emotional and tries to execute herself but Dundar Bey stops her. Osman Bey gives the sword to Gunduz Bey to execute Alisar Bey but Gunduz says Osman Bey is righteous of it. When he was about to execute him, Gehyatu’s Commander Noyan Subutay reaches there. He warns them of Geyhatu’s attack but Osman Bey executes Alisar Bey in front of them.

Now, what will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 24? Will Geyhatu attack the Kayis? What will Balgay do next? Ertugrul will come back from Konya or no? Kayi’s will be able to respond to the attack of Geyhatu or not?

Kurulus Osman Episode 24 in English Subtitles

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