Kurulus Osman Episode 18

Kurulus Osman Episode 18 in English Subtitles

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 17, I have a question. When we’re fighting to assure our lands. how will this world be? How will this world be? Everything is out of control. Troubles. Economic turmoil. Political disputes. People are worried. frightened and vulnerableArmy of justice wasn’t as courageous as devil’s sons. Army of justice was tricked. Lost its sincerity. Devil’s sons,  who were free as a bird, started to attack to end humanity. But. . Fire of justice is lit again. The flag will rise from where it has fallen. The world will have an order again. This nation,  with Allah’s permission,  will destroy the devil’s army. If we hold the defence in the tribe,  it means that we’ve already lost the battle.

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 17, Our Alps will hold the  hills around us. In case of a sudden raid to the tribe. . our Alps will infiltrate from the stream bed or the forest,  to support us. As your order,  Gunduz Bey. How are the news from Sogut,  Bamsi Bey? Gunduz Bey. I placed the Alps to Sogut as you ordered. They’re prepared against Balgay’s raid. Thank you,  Bamsi Bey. This. We placed Alps to this Kurna Hill and Sahin Hill. Now nobody will be shown mercy who enter to Sogut. Thank you,  Bamsi Bey. Gunduz Bey. If Abdur-Rehman Ghazi brought Dundar Bey. . we should hold the Salaat (prayer) for the the funeral. Abdur-Rehman Ghazi is still not here,  Bamsi Bey. What are you saying Gunduz Bey? It’s so close. I hope they are okay. I should go and ask the Alps. Bey. . Alisar Bey is approaching to the tribe with the Seljukian Soldiers. We’ll only let his head leave here.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17, My Batur. Don’t leave me,  son. Don’t go my beautiful son. Don’t leave me,  son. Take me too. Take me too,  son. If brother Batur knew that you went to the Mongols. that you asked for help from Balgay. . would he look at your face? What would he say? Shut up. No. I won’t shut up. If you didn’t make Gunduz Bey the subject. . my brother may still be alive. My brother died because of you. Because of you. What would it matter if you shut me up now? ShutShut up. Shut up,  I tell you.  ShutGet out.  Get out. Those that threw us away as if we are nothing,  won’t get away with it,  son. May Allah take my life if it was my fault that you died. I won’t stop before taking your revenge. May the earth never accept me before I take Osman’s life. May it be haram (forbidden) for me,  son. May it be haram (forbidden) for me.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17, Curse the day I sent him. I sent him to Konya instead of taking his head. That was the most stupid mistake I ever made. My uncle thinks I killed Batur. That’s why they’ll kill Gunduz first and then Bamsi Bey and Samsa Bey. And in the end,  you. Your sword is heated. My horse has rested. If you’d like go to your tribe. However,  when you go, You will see that Gunduz,  Bamsi Bey and Samsa Bey have died. You will see Dundar at your father’s place, And Alisar as the banner lord. With a Mongolian army at his command. Or,  we’ll both get what is rightfully ours and go our ways. Either you are with me. And the war against Alisar,  Dundar, and Geyhatu, Or go to your tribe and die. The choice is yours OsmanWe has a deal Balgay. I’m with you. Congratulations on our alliance.

Kurulus Osman Episode 18 in English Subtitles

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