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Kurulus Osman Episode 19 in English Subtitles

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 18, When Aygul is virtually lecturing to her theologist, Alisar Bey stops her and says there are many arch issues to cover. Alisar Bey says that Gunduz Bey came to his manse as the new sanjak Bey. Alisar Bey says he wants to pinch Gunduz Bey and wants to get Dundar in guardianship again. Dundar Bey asks questions around Osman Bey and Balgay and says that they can modify an alinement. Alisar Bey says there is a zip to worry near because Geyhatu Khan is with them. Upon this, Dundar Bey accepts the seizure of Gunduz Bey. After alignment with Osman Bey, Balgay asks him near the laws of Genghis Khan. Osman Bey reads verses from the Qur’an to the Mongols. Balgay tells Osman that Dundar is in the manse of Alisar Bey.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 18, Gunduz Bey and the Alps are processed to go to Alisar Bey’s house. Patch Bamsi is conversation almost Osman, Boran comes to the wrothful with Boran because of he leftish Osman Bey exclusive. Upon this, Gunduz Bey changes his intend and sends the Range to the ground to ascertain Osman Bey. Boran says that the woman he brought was Tortuous princess Adelfa. Bamsi realizes that Balgay wants to influence an alignment with Osman Bey upon the seizure of the princess. Zohre Hatun tells what gives materialize in the ulterior if Aygul talks to her padre, but Aygul continues to criticize her for what happened. Chessman Man Salvador learns the bond nearly Osman Bey and Balgay. Selcan Hatun gives new clothes to Princess Adelfa and tries to resource her identity concealed.

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 18, Adelfa tells what Geyhatu did for this family and how Osman Bey salvageable her from the Mongols. Dundar Bey and Alisar Bey accomplish plans to regain the nation. Dundar Bey is raring to penalize his son. Alisar Bey plans to circle the unmingled oldest and then aggress the tranquilize. Meantime, Osman Bey and Balgay go to the part of Alisar. Osman Bey asks where his uncle Dundar is, but Alisar Bey says he has already died. Thereupon, Balgay threatens Alisar but he says that Geyhatu made him the touch Bey. Osman Bey says that he does not certify the powerfulness of Alisar and once again asks where Dundar is. Officer Balgay tells Kongar to activity the residence, but Alisar’s soldiers do not give him. Alisar allows Mongols to activity. Osman Bey says his antecedent is the true Bey, but Alisar Bey objects to this. Kongar tells that there is no one in the hall. Osman Bey says that he gift conclusion Alisar Bey next case and leaves the house. Osman Bey says that the laws of Genghis Khan are in Yannis.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 18, Osman Bey is glad that his plans soul worked, but Bala Hatun is distrustful of Adelfa. Osman Bey calms Bala and makes her bright, Boran comes and tells Osman Bey that there is beta interest. The program transmitted by Alisar Bey reaches Dundar. Dundar Bey orders a man to secretly copy one of Osman Bey’s Range. Swayer Edebali tells the grandness of the state and solidarity around him. Boran gives the communication of Alisar that conventional from his traveler to Osman Bey. Osman reads the content and learns that Alisar told Geyhatu that the princess was in the hands of Kayi. Osman Bey learns that Dundar has amounted to the undecorated to seize the princess and says he give consonant him. Osman Bey orders Boran to speculate Alisar’s traveler and protect him so that Alisar does not use him backward. Bamsi and Gunduz Bey comment most Dundar future to the ingestion of the sherbet.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 18, Dundar says that he thinks almost what happened and that his actions were because of sorrow. Dundar Bey continues to talk and says that he accepts Gunduz as Bey. Dundar Bey malady thrown to osculation Gunduz’s ability, but Gunduz pulls his ability. Gunduz believes what his uncle said. Patch the Range of Osman is distrustful the Alisar’s messenger, someone shoots arrows and hits the messenger. Gunduz Bey and Bamsi go to the woods to grow the man shot the mark. Bala Hatun goes to Adelfa’s shelter but cannot change her. Bala tells this to Selcan Hatun. Kongar gives Genghis Khan’s laws to Balgay. Balgay orders Kongar to espouse Osman and sets out. As Osman Bey walks through the woods, he meets the being that the white-bearded man said.

Kurulus Osman Episode 19 in English Subtitles

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