Kurulus Osman Episode 22

Kurulus Osman Episode 22 in English Subtitles

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As the Kurulus Osman Episode 21 started, we see Osman Bey being captured by Bahadir and Alisar Bey. Bahadir moves forward and unties Dundar Bey. While Bahadir is telling Dundar Bey about knowing the position of Osman Bey, he comes to know that Aygul is a traitor. Osman Bey succeeded in resisting Bahadir’s attack. Konur goes to the Kayi plain while sending Goktug to Alisar’s palace. Dundar Bey wants Osman to be executed but Commander Boke wants him alive. Alisar Bey makes peace between them intending to send him to Geyhatu Han. So, Commander Boke sets out for Konya while taking Osman Bey with him. Dundar Bey then saves his wife Zohre Hatun. After returning, Alisar Bey talks to Aygul who asks about her family. He informs her of Osman’s captivity.

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 21, Gunduz Bey wants to execute all the traitors by sending Konur Alp but Bamsi stops them. Meanwhile, Osman Bey tells Balgay about his alliance and says that he received some information. Balgay asks him to proof for which he gives him a document which is the proof that he bought Kongar from a slave market. Balgay believes what Osman said. Osman Bey tries to make a deal with Balgay. He asks to release him for which he will give some important information about Geyhatu Han to dethrone him. Osman Bey asks Boran Alp to bring the laws. Kongar goes along-with him. Sheikh Edebali is supervising the construction of Dervish Lodge. Later, he gathers them and tells them about the Muslims’ migration from Mecca. On the other side, Aygul and Alisar Bey are married now. Bahadir reaches there and informs them that everything is ruined. Dundar Bey gets fainted because of which all of them are panic.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21, Balgay asks Osman Bey about the monks while his soldiers are looking around. He tells him about how he stooped Sophia from taking Byzantine’s throne and their alliance with Geyhatu Han. While talking, Osman Bey succeeds in untying his hands and attacks the soldiers. Selcan Hatun reaches the place of Sheikh Edebai and informs him about the situation at Kayi plain. After listening to her, Edebali calms her. Osman Bey is trying to escape from the soldiers but being stopped by Boke and his soldiers. After executing the soldiers, he starts fighting with Boke. He was about to execute him, but Balgay reaches the spot and stabs him. But yet he succeeds in escaping. After coming back to plain, Gunduz Bey sets out for Alisar’s palace. After realizing that Osman has escaped, Boran and Kongar start searching for him. When Gunduz and Bamsi reach there, they do not open the door because of which they start fighting. Osman Bey can’t withstand pain anymore and falls from the horse. Who were those who attacked him secretly while he was lying down? For knowing this, we have to watch Kurulus Osman Episode 22.

Kurulus Osman Episode 22 in English Subtitles

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