In Kurulus Osman Episode 1, Dundar Bai also gets angry and asks to find the attackers. Hence, Osman later sought permission to search them across its borders. The same attackers are now around Usman Ghazi and Ayybar. Both fight heroically. Ayybar gets a blow and falls off a horse. Later, Osman gets a shock while fighting and falls into a lake. The two women passing by dragged Usman Ghazi out of the lake with great difficulty. After regaining consciousness, Osman sought the Ayabars.


Episode 2 of Kurulus Osman will be on-air in Turkey on Wednesday (27-11-2019) on the ATV channel. Live streaming of Kurulus Osman Episode 2 in Turkey can be achieved by clicking here. Those who can understand Turkish will also be able to watch it by clicking here, but the ATV Youtube channel will upload the episodes later. Who cannot watch Kurulus Osman Episode 2 with English subtitles here. Click here to watch Kurulus Osman Episode 2 with English subtitles. And if you are intrigued by advertising breaks and some other issues, ad-free permanent access to watch Kuralus Osman Episode 2 with English, Urdu and Bangla subtitles can be achieved by clicking here.



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