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Destan Episode 27 With Urdu And English Free

Destan Episode 27 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

we will know it as Koshi Mihal The name he will give after becoming a Muslim And in his last scenes we saw that he had become a Muslim This time when he will come back So his relationship with Osman Bey must have been stronger than ever After the new season, everyone’s attention first goes to this state

Which will make Osman unstable Everyone wants to know what will happen to the Ottoman Empire in the new season After the conquest of Yenisaher city, Osman Bey may have declared his independent

state Sermons will be delivered in his name Even coins bearing his name will be issued This is enough proof that Osman Bey will succeed in establishing an independent and sovereign state Which will look flourishing in next season A glorious state and a great era will begin

This period will be the period of rise of Osman Bey You will see successive victories and the rise of the Turks The state that lasted for 600 years will not only be established Rather, the empire will appear to be expanding rapidly Now Osman Bey’s journey from being the chief of a tribe to being the ruler of a state will be glorious

And in the meanwhile various changes will take place The most important thing is where the kayi will now leave the tribe and the tents We told you that the Yenisehir would be the new home of the kayi’s kayi will migrate to Yenisehir And they will settle there War preparations will also be made in the Yenisehar

The Ottoman army will establish its new position there From where the Turks will be defended And a series of conquests of new territories will begin Those who came from afar and took refuge under the Ottoman flag will settle in the Yenisehir The next story will revolve around

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the Yenisehir Now that a new Turkish state is growing So everyone’s attention is also on how the Seljuk state is faltering at the moment Remember that there will be an independent state on one side Which will be under the control of Osman Bey On the other side will be the puppet Seljuk Empire in the hands of the Mongols Which will be counting its last days Next season

we will see Sultan Masood again as the Sultan of the Seljuk state But at that time, their importance will not remain Because most of the tribes will be in the shadow of Osman Bey And everyone else will rebel against the Seljuks That is, the Seljuk state will be nothing more than a toy in the hands of the Mongols Speaking of the Mongols, they too will be seen next season

Destan Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles

And the role of the Mongols in the next season will be much better than this season The reason for this is that the famous Mongol Khan Ghazan Khan Al Khani will be the ruler of the state And the most interesting thing is That Ghazan Khan was a Muslim Therefore, his role in the series will be very important Because Mongol Khan will be a Muslim Now you will all think that

Destan Episode 27 English Subtitles

the role of the Mongols may not be strong But remember, the Mongols will be brought back in a strong way next season First there will be a big clash between him and Osman Bey And then gradually things will get better through Ghazan Khan In fact, most of Osman Bey’s next season will be with the Byzantines Because in the third season, Osman Bey won all the victories against the Byzantines So they will make a strong attack on Osman Bey As a result,

Osman Bey will be seen planning an attack with a defensive position Also, everyone is talking about the new season Whether the role of the Bala Hatun will be a part of next season In fact, the crazy Hatun above is very worried about it That nothing should go wrong with his character, and her character ended soon it will not happen The biggest proof of this is the fact that in the third season,

Destan Episode 27 English Subtitles

Bala Hatun is in the process of becoming a mother again It was clear that Kurulus Osman’s team plans to keep the Bala Hatun in the series for a long time Next season we will definitely see the role of the Bala Hatun But it is possible that during this period he mostly appeared with Sheikh Edebali And don’t focus too much on his character Which character are you most eager to see next season? Be sure to mention in the comments Like and share the video

Destan Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 27 English Subtitles

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