Destan Episode 21 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

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Destan Episode 21 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Hello viewers! welcomes to Pakistanwap to update the esteemed viewers of the kurulus osman series. Another great episode of Kurulus osman series has come to an end. The episode ends with happiness and victories. Fans were saddened by the departure of the selcan hatun there. An era ended with the death of the selcan hatun. Of course, every eye was wet with the departure of the Selcan hatun. The mother who loved osman Bay like a son and guided him through every difficult time passed away today, Destan Episode 21 Urdu

viewers will definitely tell you in the comment box what your feelings were on the death of Selcan hatun. Every event that is shown after the time jump in the series is important. The series of osman Bay’s conquests has begun. After inhsar Fort, Bilecik Fort is now owned by Qayi tribe. Both osman Bay princes were with osman Bay in the conquest of the Bilecik fortress. orhan and Allauddin Ali took part in the first battle with their father. osman Bay rescues Princess Holofira from the tyrant Basieleus. And then there’s Bilecik’s governor, Justinyanuswas brought to his end, Destan Episode 21 Urdu

And with the conquest of the Bilecik fortress, osman Bay also told his soldiers the next target. osman Bay said he would also conquer inagol Fort by next Friday. On the other hand, Nikola and Master Aryus plan to destroy Osman Bay’s weapons depot. osman Bay who was preparing for war in peacetime. And to conquer inagol, osman Bay needed a large number of catapults. Because the walls of inagol are strong and there are more security measures. That is why osman Bay needs strong weapons to conquer inagol Fort, Destan Episode 21 Urdu

But osman Bay made weapons to extract iron from Byzantine mines. The secret location of the weapons is now known to Barkin Bay. Nikola’s plan to assassinate Osman Bay has been thwarted and another Byzantine fortress has become the property of osman Bay. But now when Nikola went mad with rage, Master Aryus said that we would destroy osman’s weapons and hurt him. Let’s talk about whether Nikola and Master Aryus will be able to attack the weapons site through Barkin Bay So yes viewers Aryus and Nikola will succeed in this attack, Destan Episode 21 Urdu

osman Bay will once again walk away from the victory of inagol. But Nikola and Aryus will not be able to destroy all of osman Bay’s weapons. Because after making many weapons, osman will be transferred to a safe place. Nevertheless, before the conquest of the fort of osman Bay inagol, they would turn towards Yarhsar fort. Only after Yarhasar fort will osman be able to conquer inagol fort. On the occasion of the conquest of the Bilecik fortress, osman Bay spared Basieleus, the governor of Yarhsar. One of the main reasons for leaving Basieleus alive is that osman Bay will get a huge amount of gold, Destan Episode 21 Urdu

At the same time, Akitamur will be with Basieleus. And so osman Bay will always get the news of the enemy’s nefarious plans. Akitmure’s brilliant entry was reminiscent of Bayocha. How Savci Bay’s son Bayocha was also interested in joining the war with osman Bay. In the same way, osman Bay’s nephew Aktimure also helped osman Bay in the fort by risking his life. And now Aktimure will be seen living with the Byzantines and helping osman Bay. Even in the conquest of inagol Fort, Aktimure will secretly tell osman Bay about Nikola’s plans, Destan Episode 21 Urdu

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Destan Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles

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The long-awaited meeting between Gunduz Bay and Akitmure was also quite emotional. viewers will definitely let us know in the comment box how you felt about the explosive entry of the Aktimure in the series. Barkin Bay who told the chiefs and the Selvi hatun about the death of osman Bay. How long will the Selvi hatun remain silent about these actions of Barkin Bay? Rather, it is through the Selvi hatun that the true nature of Barkin Bay will be revealed. After becoming the chief of the two tribes, Barkin Bay now wants to capture Sogut as well. But the chiefs refused to support Barkin, Destan Episode 21 Urdu

Destan Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 21 English Subtitles

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