Hazrat Ameer hamza Full story in Urdu ( Movie )

Hazrat Ameer hamza Full story in Urdu ( Movie )

Watch Hazrat Ameer hamza Full story in Urdu ( Movie )

Short Introduction

Ḥamzah ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ( حَمْزَة ٱبْن عَبْد ٱلْمُطَّلِب‎; c. 568 – 625 ) was a foster brother, companion and paternal uncle of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was Martyred in the Battle of Uhud on 22 March 625 (3 Shawwal 3 hijri). His kunyas were “Abū ʿUmārah” (أَبُو عُمَارَةَ) and “Abū Yaʿlā” (أَبُو يَعْلَىٰ). He had the by-names Asad Allāh (أَسَد ٱللَّٰه, “Lion of God“) and Asad al-Jannah (أَسَد ٱلْجَنَّة, “Lion of Heaven“), and Muhammad gave him the posthumous title Sayyid ash-Shuhadā

Early life Hazrat Ameer hamza

Ibn Sa’d basing his claim on al-Waqidi states that Hamzah was reportedly four years older than Muhammad. This is disputed by Ibn Sayyid, who argues: “Zubayr narrated that Hamza was four years older than the Prophet. But this does not seem correct, because reliable hadith state that Thuwayba nursed both Hamza and the Prophet”. Ibn Sayyid concludes that Hamza was only two years older than Muhammad, though he adds the traditional expression of doubt, “Only God knows”.Ibn Hajar writes as a conclusion of Ibn Sayyid’s hadiths: “Hamza was born two to four years before Muhammad”

Ibn Kathir in Al-Sira Al-Nabawiyya cites Abu Nu`aym who traces a hadith to Ibn Abbas, that after Abdul Mutallib went to Yemen, he stayed with a Jewish priest. A monk prophesised that he will have both power and prophethood and advised him to marry a woman of the Banu Zuhrah. After returning to Mecca, he did so by marrying Hala, a woman of the tribe, and she birthed Hamza. Later, Abdullah married Aminah and the Quraysh said he had won out in terms of marriage.

Hamza was skilled in wrestling, archery and fighting. He was fond of hunting lions, and he is described as “the strongest man of the Quraysh, and the most unyielding

Conversion to Islam Hazrat Ameer hamza

Hamza took little notice of Islam for the first few years. He converted in late 612AD. Upon returning to Mecca after a hunting trip in the desert, he heard that Abu Jahl had “attacked the Prophet and abused and insulted him,” “speaking spitefully of his religion and trying to bring him into disrepute”. Muhammad had not replied to him. “Filled with rage,” Hamza “went out at a run … meaning to punish Abu Jahl when he met him”. He entered the Kaaba, where Abu Jahl was sitting with the elders, stood over him and “struck him a violent blow” with his bow. He said, “Will you insult him, when I am of his religion and say what he says? Hit me back if you can!”[7]:132 He “struck Abu Jahl’s head with a blow that cut open his head”. Some of Abu Jahl’s relatives approached to help him, but he told them, “Leave Abu Umara [Hamza] alone, for, by God, I insulted his nephew deeply”.

After that incident, Hamza entered the House of Al-Arqam and declared Islam. “Hamza’s Islam was complete, and he followed the Apostle’s commands. When he became a Muslim, the Quraysh recognised that the Apostle had become strong, and had found a protector in Hamza, and so they abandoned some of their ways of harassing him”. Instead, they tried to strike bargains with him; but he did not accept their offers.132–133

Hamza once asked Muhammad to show him the angel Jibreel “in his true form”. Muhammad told Hamza that he would not be able to see him. Hamza retorted that he would see the angel, so Muhammad told him to sit where he was. They claimed that Jibreel descended before them and that Hamza saw that Jibreel’s feet were like emeralds, before falling down unconscious.[2]:6

Hamza joined the emigration to Medina in 622 and lodged with Kulthum ibn al-Hidm or Saad ibn Khaythama. Muhammad made him the brother in Islam of Zayd ibn Harithah.

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Watch Hazrat Ameer hamza Full story in Urdu ( Movie )

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