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Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 English And Urdu Subtitles For Free

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 Eng And Urdu Subtitles For Free

Watch Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 English And Urdu Subtitles For Free of Cost Full HD

He was unable to get into Osman’s chest, he was anxious to get into Bala’s blood. They carried Aksu to the harmed camp at this point. He determined what occurred. Nicholas. Nicholas? Did you think about this? Consider the possibility that it starts up other business for us. Is there an objective? come on. Osman Bey brought the woman Bala. How are their temperaments? They’re acceptable, much obliged. Great. In any case, they say that the state of Gonca chick is serious. I will go to Osman Bey. Before one of the difficulty closes, another comes. Lena is no, don’t you realize that it will resemble this as long as Osman is with us? Bela doesn’t come from Osman Bey,

You ought to recollect it like this, Hazal. Selcan mother! I trust it’s acceptable. Hang tight, my Gonca! Bud! Hang on! Bubble water rapidly! I fell into the Selcan mother quarry, Selcan mother! I fell into your hearth, let me be a casualty, complete well! Quiet down child! Is it the first occasion when you see harmed? This is the first occasion when I see a particularly twisted, mother Selcan. Come on, let us go. Lets! Is the injury profound? It is profound mother. Sticker. What is this? This is my grandma. He offered it to my dad, and he offered it to me.

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 English

On the off chance that I pass on, this is my lone legacy to my kids.

God favor Boran snow capped mountain. What passing would you say you are discussing? Where did passing come from now? Is it true that we won’t bite the dust, Gonca young lady? Take these. Give. May you pardon me, Bala woman. There’s certainly Nikola behind this. There could be no other clarification for this. How would we discover hints of this aurad? Göktuğ is close to him, sibling. So you furtively put a man after you. So for what reason didn’t we think about the attack? That is the thing that I don’t know by the same token. Clearly, something happened to Göktuğ.

Is there a destur, sir? come on. Idris, what befell you, who did this to you? We used to go to the healer Our way was obstructed by Nikola’s warriors. They harmed me. Bamsi mind additionally followed him. For what reason did you go out alone? Bamsi mind has been a disabled hand for quite a while, sir. He needed nobody to know or be heard, sir. When Boran readies the Alps, we will set off straightaway. At your order, sir. What occurred, Mr. Osman? is after cerebrums. What do you say, sir? However, don’t take your eyes off the potter, emmi. I presume that Nikola is the canine. I missed Bala,Tozkoparan Iskender 1071

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 Urdu

That was the task Nikola gave me But as usual,Tozkoparan Iskender 1071

Osman caught up. I’ve lost too many men. Now it’s your turn, Göktuğ. We need to raid Osman’s tent and get some confidential documents. How are we going to suppress the Kayi tribe when we have lost so many people? Osman will not be in the camp. He will have left the camp with his alps to save Bamsi. What happened to Bamsi? Nikola made a great game, Göktuğ. Thanks to Bamsi, we will be able to press the tent. Boran… Cerkutay. Sir, the tracks get crowded in this direction.

The tracks on the second side get crowded,Tozkoparan Iskender 1071

my lord goes towards the rocks. There may be a game involved in this. We will follow the tracks on the Teltepe side with Boran and Gencebey. Brother, you should go this way. Thank you Osman Bey. Be vigilant, be blessed. Have a blessed day too. Lets! Come on, braves! Bamsi! Look, you tired us a lot. Don’t be stubborn, get out! The road is over and the place is over! Ha Bamsi! But you are so stubborn! Look, if you surrender, we’ll wait for Osman together, huh Bamsi? Don’t worry,

I have no intention of killing you or Osman until,Tozkoparan Iskender 1071

I get the documents in the room! Promise! Tekfur crazy! Tekfur crazy! Your power is not enough to take those papers! You can’t imagine what my power is capable of, crazy Bamsi! You just come! Come and get me. Catch that stubborn wolf. You come, you come. You can come. What will we do now? Old! Bamsi… I ‘m not going to give you credit.

You’re too agile for your age. Well, my temper is dry,I also like good warriors. He’s coming, sir. Osman is coming. But you’re too stubborn, crazy Bamsi. But a lot! Come on, Osman, come. I knew Targun would cause us more trouble, mother. Their misery will not end until he dies.

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 Urdu Subtitles For Free

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 English Subtitles For Free

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