Yavuz Sultan Season 1 Episode 1 - New Update

Yavuz Sultan Season 1 Episode 1 Released Date And More Update

A Brand New TV Series Is Coming Yavuz Cihan Ruler, Turkey’s highest budget TV series Yavuz Cihan Ruler, produced in the movie Yavuz Sword of Justice Blue Mushroom Media and CYgrup Takes the screenplay of the series Diriliş Ertuğrul , who has received great acclaim and is famous as the screenwriter of historical TV series. 

Awakening Seljuk like many successful projects in the undersigned late that year on year the screenwriter award at the Serdar Özer Foreground and taking the team to pen writer Yavuz Sultan Selim about both films as well as the completion of the series of film scripts blue mushrooms media interests as expressed in the journal Moaning array 4 of the season planned and also number of domestic and foreign players will take place knows he channels will run

yet been disclosed index of leading actor among consultants in hiding directories such secrets is Professor Feridun Emecen and Professor Dr. Abdulkadir Emeksiz many important scholars in mainly It was stated that as a result of the Egypt Campaign, Yavuz Sultan Selim, who brought the Islamic world under one roof , brought the life of Yavuz Sultan Selim to the screens , and it seems that he will leave his mark on 2022. Keep following us for developments.

Yavuz – New Tv Series 2021 Release Date | Latest News

The cast of the new TV series, which will tell the existence of Selim I, the 10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, is practically finished. As indicated by the assertion of TV series maker Bilal Kalyoncu, the shooting of Yavuz will start in Amasya in February 2021. Amasya is additionally the origination of Selim I, the most youthful child of Sultan Bayezid II.

As per the maker Bilal’s assertion, “Yavuz” will be communicated in three seasons in forty scenes. The recently settled computerized stage Exxen was picked for the distribution of Yavuz. Bilal Kalyoncu said that the main period of Yavuz, it will tell about Selim’s battles with his sibling Shehzade Ahmet and his battles for the seat.

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