Mehmet Bozdağ is preparing a TV series about Sultan Orhan Gazi- Osman Season 3

Mehmet Bozdağ is preparing a TV series about Sultan Orhan Gazi- Osman Season 3

Mehmet Bozdağ is preparing a TV series about Sultan Orhan Gazi- Osman Season 3

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Until the final of the series The Ottoman is still  three years old, however, producer Mehmet Bozdağ   is already beginning to prepare for  its sequel, which will tell about   the life of Orhan Gazi, the second  ruler of the Ottoman Beylik. Mehmet Bozdağ is preparing a TV  series about Sultan Orhan Gazi. Huge sales of the series Resurrection Ertugrul  and a very successful start of sales of the   series The Ottoman allowed Mr. Bozdağ to think  about creating a high-budget historical project   without being tied to a television channel. 

That is, following the example of Timur Savci   with its Magnificent Century series, he  will make the TV show at his own expense   and sell it to TV channels and platforms,  thereby ensuring maximum profit. Sales of the future series about Sultan Orhan will  begin next year, that is, one and a half to two   years before the start of filming, the project  is supposed to be filmed not in “real time”   as is customary in the Turkish show business, but  in advance, which must be secured by pre-orders.   

Preliminary work on the  project will start next year,   at the same time the name of the main star will be  announced, as was done earlier with Burak Özçivit. In addition to the performer of the role of Orhan,  we will get to know the name of the performer of   the role of Alaeddin – the younger brother  and best friend of the Sultan, who remained   his loyal aide until the end. That is, a powerful  male actor’s duet awaits us.

The third important   character of the plot is Nilüfer Hatun, a  Byzantine princess and wife of Orhan Ghazi. Naturally, all the grandiose plans of the producer  are based on buyers’ interest in a future project,   but given the success of his previous works, he is  unlikely to experience a lack of pre-orders.  We   will follow the development of events.

Kurulus Osman, who will appear on the ATV channel this evening, will take steps to gradually end the Mongol curse. After the end of the second season, it looks like the new season will come on the screens with a different scene. Now, with the third season, fierce battles with Byzantium will appear on screen. Wars with the Mongols are expected to be minimal.

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Release Date

The Kurulus Osman Season 3 will begin on October 3, 2021

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