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Story A Foolish Stag || A Foolish Stag Story 2022 Free

Welcome To The Post Story A Foolish Stag Today I Tell About A Foolish Stag Story 2022 || I Hope You lIke A foolish stag short story || Best Article For A Foolish Stag Story

Short Story A Foolish Stag For Students

When a stag was drinking water at a lake. He saw his appearance in its perfect water. He took a gander at his wonderful horns and appreciated them. He additionally saw his meager and lean legs. He detested them. All at once, he saw a few dogs coming toward him. He ran as quickly as his legs diverted him far. He raced into the backwoods. His wonderful horns were trapped in a shrubbery. He made a decent attempt to free himself however to no end. Before long the dogs arrived at the spot and attacked pieces.

story a foolish stag for class 11

Story A Foolish Stag
Story A Foolish Stag

A Foolish Stag | 1st Year English Moral Story

Here is the narrative of A Foolish Stag with the ethical example, “All That Glitters isn’t Gold” for first year understudies of all Punjab Boards. It is an intriguing and moral story. To peruse all first year stories, click on the connection given toward the finish of this page.

All that Glitters is not Gold

Sometime in the distant past, a stag lived in the backwoods. He was exceptionally parched. He went to a stream to extinguish his thirst. The water in the stream was clear. While drinking water, he saw his appearance. To start with, he checked out his excellent horns, He appreciated them without a doubt. He got a quick look at his legs. He felt frustrated about having so dainty monstrous legs.

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Before long he heard the sound of canines. He was loaded up with dread for his life. he ran exceptionally quick to save his life. He was before long concealed. While he was running, through a thick woods. He stow away in a shrub to save his life. His excellent horns get into the bramble. A little while later, the canines arrive at the brambles. The stag made an honest effort to dispose of the thick prickly hedge. In any case, the canines got around him, they attacked pieces. His flimsy appalling legs diverted him from the hazardous canines however the lovely horns caused his passing.

Conceivable Moral:

• Pride hath a fall.
• Not see problem with the methods of God.
• Appearances are frequently tricky.

A Foolish Stag Story (300 Words)

All that Glitters is not Gold
All that Glitters is not Gold

There carried on with a lovely stag in a wilderness loaded with streams and falls. He energetically traveled through the entire region. On one occasion he was drinking water at a stream. He saw his appearance free running water. He respected the proportionate figure he had. He was so enchanted to see his delightful horns that he boasted that there was no such thing similar to the “excellence of his prongs Then his eyes saw his flimsy legs. He wanted that he had legs more qualified to bear such a respectable crown. He told himself,

• Pride hath a fall

“What a pity to have such revolting legs with such delightful horns.” While he was lost in his idea, unexpectedly, he heard the yelling of the dogs from a good ways. He got ready and the following second, he fled. The dogs demonstrated no counterpart for him. He ran at the highest point of his speed and before long arrived at the thickest piece of the wilderness. Arriving at there,

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he concealed himself in a few thick brambles It the in the interim, the dogs didn’t lose his smell and continued to follow him. The stag prepared for another race. He hopped up to run however fell back. His long prongs got found out in. the shrubberies. He battled hard to free himself however to no end. The dogs were getting ever closer. He could now hear them yelping and grunting.

A Foolish Stag Story

At that crucial point in time, the stag reviled his horns. He understood his mix-up however it was past the point of no return then, at that point. The dogs arrived at there and attacked pieces. Prior to biting the dust, he understood that nothing made by God is pointless. The legs he despised might have saved his life, however his excellent horns caused his passing.

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