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Jazz Free Internat, SMS, Call Package Codes

Here is the list of free codes which you can try to get Jazz free minutes Pakages,Jazz free sms Pakages and free Jazz internet Pakages on jazz+warid numbers:

1. *5555#

If your balance is less than 6 Rupees. You can dial this code to get 1 GB (social) for next 2 days. No charges for this offer. Dial this code and select option No. 1

2. *114*6#

You get free facebook and twitter for 24 hours free.

3. *499#

You get 4 GB free facebook and whats app for one month. No chrges for this offer.

4. *117*72*3#

You get 500 MB for next 10 days without balance

5. *462#

1 GB and 100 minutes for 7 days without balance. This is for new sim or some selected users.

6. *463#

many incentives for eligible users.

7. *1301#

You get 300 MB 4G internet instantly after dialing this code. Then next day, you get 2 GB internet (1 AM to 12 PM). The charges for this offer are Rs 0.99 Rupees.

8. *225#

You get free minutes and free mb and free sms through this code for eligible users

9. *671*2#

You get 5 GB free internet for next 4 days without any charges. This offer is for some eligible users.

Important Instructions:

1. These codes are free and there is no charges for dialing these codes

2. When you dial the code, you will get anything from free minutes, free sms, free mb, free facebook or whatsapp and may get more then one thing from these

3. You may not be eligible for any or some of these offers as these are for selected and eligible users only. Anyhow you can try if you get something free from jazz without balance.

4. The status code for every free item will be shared in sms or USSD code response for every thing you get in free.

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