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Barbaroslar Episode 1 Episode Info:

  • Episode Name: Barbaroslar Episode 1
  • Language: Englis, Urdu Subtitles
  • EP # Episode 01
  • Release Date: 16-09-2021

Watch And Download Barbaroslar Episode 1 English And Urdu Subtitles

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Dear viewers, as we know, a wonderful trailer of Barbarossa series has been released and now this series is very much awaited and those who love this type of series now want to know that this series is for us. When will you see

Barbaroslar Episode 1 English

Viewers are shown in the first scene of the trailer. That Aljan Altan who is playing the role of Khairuddin.And says to his soldiers. We will remember our lessons.And at the same time he calls his soldiers enthusiastically. The way the disbelievers have united themselves under the cross. In the same way we have to unite ourselves under the light of the moon. So that we can face them.

Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu

Shown in the second scene of the trailer. That some people are looking for a trust. And this trust is revealed to be in the sea and some people go to the sea to get it.

Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu MakiTV2

Viewers should remember that the first episode of this series will show scenes of fierce fighting from twenty to thirty minutes.
And that’s why it took two to three months to shoot the first episode of this series. Viewers also tell you that each episode of this series will last two and a half hours

Barbaroslar Episode 1 English Osmanonline

In fact, this is the story of Khairuddin, who was later given the title of Barbarossa, which means one who protects the faith. And there was a great personality who made him the commander of the Ottoman Navy. The first episode of this series will be aired on September 16, 2021.

Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu Dirlirstv

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Watch And Download Barbaroslar Episode 1 English And Urdu Subtitles

Breaths were held for the Barbaroslar series, which tells the life of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha. The first trailer was also shared, but no exact date was given for the release date. However, now it has been announced that the first episode of Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kılıcı (Barbaroslar The Sword of Mediterranean Sea) will air on 16th September 2021 on Thursday and you will be able to watch with English & Urdu Subtitles on Friday morning

Watch And Download Barbaroslar Episode 1 English

Watch And Download Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu

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