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Watch Now New Epi Barbarossa Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles Free || Barbaroslar Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles || Give Me 5 Barbarossa Episode 5 In Urdu At the beginning of the episode number four of Barbarossa har you will see the city of Alexandria is shown. Where in the port city, bazaar, houses and all the children are busy with their own affairs. Vidtower There, a woman pushes two men out of her inn. And she says go to your junkyard. Barbarossa Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 5 Urdu And English Subtitles For Free
Barbarossa Episode 5 Urdu And English Subtitles For Free

Barbaroslar Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles Release Date

  • Series Name: Barbaroslar (Barbaros)
  • Season: 1
  • Language: Turkish ( Urdu Subtitles)
  • Release Date: 13-10-2021
  • Production: ES Films
  • Episode Number : 5

The drunken man says to the woman, “You have so much courage that you pushed me.” Meanwhile, a guard stands between the two men. And while he was shouting, he said, “Stop!” At this the woman says Golam take them away. I don’t want to see them Golem immediately takes the two men away.

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And the woman comes back to her inn and while eating there, she addresses the two men and says, “Yes, look where we were. I have a ship to set sail for very soon. It will be at the convenience of Sicily.” Olive cultivation there has been great this year. If you want to make more money,

Barbarossa Urdu Subtitles

you should spend money on this ship. The Greek merchant says I can pay a hundred Venetian coins of Venice and at the same time another merchant there says that I can pay fifty Spanish coins. One part of the parts and half for you. When all the goods are sold,

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you are your share. Saying this as the bill starts to go from there, the Spanish businessman also gets up from his seat and holds the hand of such a bill and says, “Don’t you know how much is the Spanish riyal and why half of it?” Email says its status is different everywhere.

So we decide which amount is more here? At this the merchant quietly leaves the hand of the bell and returns to his place. And then as the bell moves forward with the golem. Golem tells A. Bell that they have taken wheat from the coastal villages and I have taken it to the field.

As the bell says how many sacks there are. Golan says a lot about it. I don’t have the brain to count them. As the e-mail says, it will make a lot of money during the famine.

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I will deal with it. You bring these young people here. Golamp leaves immediately. In the meantime, he says to the person standing on the other side, “Arrange a memorizer for us.” We have very valuable equipment. as Bill, before we leave this dirty way, we know that you give us a young protector. Vidtower

As Bell says, I will give you the best protector. They will be back from the campaign soon so you can leave. The merchant says, “Okay, the same person sitting in the inn.” As the bell, he says, “Your best protector. Yes.” But Jaffar says yes I also made a mistake. Can’t mistakes be forgiven?

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As A belt angrily says to Jaffar I don’t care about you Jaffer I trusted you and made a mistake at that time. I still can’t forgive myself. After answering Jaffar, she immediately calls out to Irina and tells the cook, “A good wolf with cooked almonds, Arooj will come back soon and I am sure he misses good food.” On hearing this,

Jaffar gets up in anger and leaves, and here it is
A woman sage is examining a woman and she asks the sage woman, “I am hopeful. Tell me, Asiya, this is not my delusion. Come on, she says I have done this for years and you are hopeful. She sits up and says thank you. She hugs the fairy sage and says, “Allah is pleased with you. Vidtower ” Aasia says thank you very much.

She starts cleaning and says I have to clean it. Seeing this, Asiya says in astonishment, “Won’t you tell her?” She says, “I want to be sure after a few weeks. Asiya says, “My God, Bastina says, ‘We always wanted that, but God put us to the test every time.’ Now I don’t want to give Rise another false hope.

On this Aafia says you should tell her there is a sea guest one step happens here then the next somewhere else even if it is a bad news. That would stop him at home. do not worry. “Don’t trample on the honor of my house at the hands of a filthy person,” she said. Vidtower I left my hometown at a word of my height and went so far that if he leaves me I will understand he is not my height and I will understand that it was a dream and passed and here is the fake change On the other hand,

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you will see that Khizr Sulaiman comes to the teacher’s house and asks, Vidtower “You have many books and there is no map of treasure in it.” Ustad Sulaiman is shocked. Master kisses Suleiman’s hand Master Suleiman says I have been getting very weak for some days now I can’t come to welcome you I’m sorry sit here Hazrat says no problem then Khidr gets up and goes to the other side

Then addressing the teacher Suleiman Khidr says that Niko had told you to come today but you will go home first and meet me in the evening. On this Khizr takes out a bundle full of some gold coins and says, “We don’t have time to wait. You don’t need a treasure map.

If yes, it seems that you have already found many treasures.” Khidr Putli Noman puts the map in front of the teacher and asks him to take it. Seeing this, teacher Suleiman says in astonishment that J. This is Jim Sultan. At last Prince Korkat reached it. Vidtower There was a key to her uncle’s obvious secrets. Khidr says on this in the western lands. Prince Korkat after the assassination of Jim Sultan. All that was needed, somehow got it somehow.

He used a lot of people and spent a lot of money and finally arrived. On hearing this, the teacher looks at him in amazement. Khidr says, “Don’t look at these useless coins. There is no key in them.” Taking out a map and placing it in front of Khidr, he says that when he is free, the team will have the key. Vidtower The most sinful priest in history. He says, “Teacher, they only know about the book.

They don’t know anything about the keys to the book of secrets. Vidtower I don’t think the key ever reached the western lands. Jim Sultan sent it to a member of his family.” Khidr writes someone’s name on the map which is read by Ustad Suleiman and says what is meant by

Prince but he has become a Christian but under the influence of fighters he says Khidr then I will go there and meet him If he wanted, he would save this secret and the grandchildren of Sultan Fateh from his embarrassment, says Suleiman Ustad, but there are dangerous people around Prince Murad.

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The dangerous warrior sent by the priest calls him Khidr. Petro is on the island of Qalam-e-Naws. Right next to Prince Murad, this is the place from where I will save Prince Murad and this is the end of this episode. Subscribe to our channel. Be sure to press the bell icon. If you like the video, be sure to share it with your friends. Thanks for watching and keep supporting us.

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