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Today our course is going to start with this lecture. freelance with social media ie how can you do with freelancing social media then for that I will teach you completely. Here we will take skill as an example and after learning it or using the skills you already have, Make Money Online Urdu Online Earning Course For Students you will use the same process and you will get a freelance project for yourself. Freelancing With Social Media

Freelancing With Social Media Course In Urdu Part 1 Very simple method. If you work on them. Daily two to three hours if you work. So I can tell you with certainty that your daily one thousand rupees have not gone anywhere man. Freelancing Course In Urdu

Online Earning With Linkedin

Normal may take a little time you may have one week or to a week or maybe maximum you may take one month above it. But after one month you will be earning one thousand rupees daily. So what is our first website today? What is the first social media that we will start from Aur Freelancing With Social Media

Welcome To Pakistan Wap Website And In This Post I Well Share Freelancing With Social Media Course In Urdu Part 1 Online Earning With Linkedin

the LinkedIn day and within that we are going to take an example of the skill of graphic designing that as a graphic designer how do you use social media If you take projects for yourself and how do you work, then today we are going to create their LinkedIn profile first? Online Earning Course For Students

Freelancing With Social Media Course In Urdu Part 1

I will guide you guys inshallah. Dude, this is what I want to say to you. That nothing, no video, or any method is a waste. You just don’t follow it, which is why you don’t get clients. So if you follow this course with heart or intention then believe me you can make good money from it. All you have to do is follow it. So if you don’t know LinkedIn, Freelancing With Social Media then LinkedIn is also a social media platform, but there are professionals sitting here. Ah, here are the employees, there are the employers, and here are the hires, and here are the job seekers, Online Earning Course For Students

Online Earning Course For Students

Watch Linkedin Online Earning Course In Urdu Free

here are the professionals, here is the platform. So here you have to create your profile, understand that this is your online CV. So you will put all the skills that you have here or all the things that you do here, you will complete your profile so that you can get jobs from here and you can also get projects from here.

. Contract base can also be. You can also get a permanent job. Freelancing With Social Media Or you can get remote jobs. So don’t miss them on LinkedIn and don’t ignore them. This is G linked in dot com. Now here you have two options. Join nine and signing. Here we will click on join no. Then we will get it. Online Earning Course For Students

Linkedin Online Earning Course In Urdu

I copy from here. It’s me Muhammad Ahmed I pasted it here I give the password. Password given. Then click on agree and join. Here he is asking first time and last names so I will complete my profile here. Skills Providers I gave first-time skills and last-time providers and I will continue to do this. After we continue,

Freelancing Course In Urdu Class 1

we will come here for security verification. Please verify the puzzle. So now they say here they are capturing that pick the image is the correct way up yes our security check is complete here we save its password then here country region Pakistan and here We do city district Lahore Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan then we do next here. After doing the next, look here. You can give it here. Like, I will give it here.

Online Earning Course For Students

Here I select graphic designers full-time and then-recent companies, continue. It was said here. Now we open our email here and from here we will confirm it. We will place the code here. Here it is. Let’s see the linked message here. This is the code. Yes, they agree and then they say the new job. I say yes. Freelancing With Social Media

Online Earning In Pakistan Course Name Freelancing With Social Media
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Online Earning Course In Urdu

After that, they give the job title here. The graphic designer does the job location Lahore next. Then comes the lion with the recruiters. Now here will be our profile. G complete. Now, look here. Ah ah, not done yet.

Online Make Money In Pakistan

Our sign-up has just been completed. Now we have to complete this. See here. Now, as much as this job exists at the moment, he has filtered the whole job and given it here. As is the graphic designer position. Here is the detail of it. It is in front of you. You will read it this way you can apply from here. Make sure you get jobs here anyway. We will complete our profile now. This is our profile. We click on View profile.

After clicking on View profile, here you have to complete. You will upload this image here.

Make Money Online In Pakistan

I want to open it. You want to zoom in more or less. You can do as much as you want. It’s fine now. Then we do it. Safe photo. Now you have it professional. Your fee should be clear in this image. This will be our image. After that, if you come, see here. Your profile st is still beginner.

Here you will complete it. Right now we’ve put the same experience into experience here. Here we can add more experience. Click on the plus icon here. Here is the title of the job experience you put here. Then see the description here. Please save.

Make Money Online Urdu

These are the two experiences you have put. O contact you add here your contact information link is this then your email address is this you can edit it here you can add your web site here like here i give web site I put this website here, then here it is personal, there is a company, there is a block, Freelancing With Social Media

so I make it a company, then if you want to add more, add web site here, you can put it here, add more mobile number You can add this address here. Then here is your date of birth. Yes, we have saved it. Now you have this contact info detail. It has come in front of you. Has completed. Now here you need a cover photo. For now,

Affiliate Marketing Via PPC

Online Earning Course For Students

I can put anything here. Come from here, then we will change it. At the moment, I will choose it and apply it. Cover photo also attached profile image also attached Your contact info will also be complete then here you see your profile is still not complete strength beginner level You have to complete it.

Freelancing With Social Media See here add work dates. You click on it. I will complete it from July 2, 1919 to June 2, 21. I have done it. What industry do you work in? Ad industry Graphic design. Save. Intermediate profile which university or school did you attend? At education school university Punjab University of Lahore. Online Bitcoin Earning Course Link

Degree. Bachelor of Arts journalism, Start date. Save Add five skills. Business development, logistic, marketing, project management, quality control data teaching. I added them here, add to profile, you will add your skills in this way, here are these skills, let’s do something, we will have done our skills, then here is the ad summary about your expertise and interest You will add about yourself here.

I am a little weak in English here. If we are interested in grammar, then ignore it. You have to write according to your own example. I have written a summary about myself. I will save it. You will write the whole. If you want to write more, I have basically written something about myself. This is what happened to me. It will be complete. We have completed everything. Please. Now, what is the next process? To find that job. How to find that job? Or how are clients picking? So first of all you guys complete your profile.

Freelancing With Social Media

Then in the next video, we will learn how to find clients or how to manage your profile. So you start getting clients. So let’s see in the next video. Inshallah, complete your profile for now and if you like the video, you will definitely share the video. If you want to see more videos of this course, subscribe to Faizan Tag now. Turn on all notifications so you can get the next upcoming 1 class video in a timely manner.

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