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Kurulus Osman Season 3 English and Urdu Promo 1 Free of Cost
Kurulus Osman Season 3 English and Urdu Promo

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Release Date

  • Series Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Season: 3
  • Language: Turkish (English & Urdu Subtitles)
  • Release Date: 06 Ar 20 -October -2021
  • ProductionTRT

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap The terrifying trailer of the third season of Kurulus Osman series has been released Which made everyone’s hearts beat faster Released after a long wait, the trailer dispelled all the sadness and grief of the fans in one fell swoop. From the first trailer it was known that next season will be full of action and suspense But there was no action or suspense in the trailer that touched the hearts of the fans On the contrary, the fans were overwhelmed when they heard the name of the character they had been waiting for in the Kurulus Osman series for years. 

The trailer for Season 3 was eagerly awaited. The joy of releasing the trailer aside And the fans are happy to hear about the return of Turgut Alp. Of course, fans were eagerly awaiting the new season But after coming in front of the trailer and hearing the name of Turgut Bey, it is becoming impossible for the fans to wait for a moment. And they are looking forward to seeing Turgut Bey on screen as soon as possible Kurulus Osman series stepped on the field in a brilliant way But last night’s trailer left a lot of questions in the minds of fans 

In today’s Article we will talk about 

  • whether we will get to see the role of Turgut Alp in the first episode of season 3 Who called Turgut Alp? 
  • In what role has Ruzgar Aksoy emerged? 
  • What is the reason for the arrival of Koshi Mihal’s to Kayi tribe? 
  • Has the series had a particularly unusual time? 

And the story is about to begin where everything left off We will also look at Osman Bey’s tent There have been significant changes Must Read the Article till the end to know the full details of all the important questions And subscribe to our channel The released trailer of Kurulus Osman season has won everyone’s heart This trailer was released after a long delay But as soon as he came in front, all the objections of the fans disappeared The new season will be presented in a different way than usual And just like we said, this time there is a possibility of releasing a trailer instead of a promotion poster. That’s exactly what happened. 

The poster for the third season was not released but the trailer did And the trailer also looked like everyone was wow The phrases that are etched in the minds of the fans are always heard in the trailer. But this time the one name mentioned in the trailer was enough to attract everyone Already in the trailer, the mention of Turgut Bey made everyone very happy And now they are anxiously awaiting the new season Turgut will appear in which episode of Season 3, we will talk about it in detail But before that, let’s talk about Koshi Mihal, 

who has been introduced in the series as Michael Kosis. And his entry will be seen in the Kayi tribe Why would the Kayi tribe come with so many bodyguards and soldiers? Everyone knew that Koshi Mihal was scheduled to enter this season And you all know the important information about his character The purpose of Michael Kosis’s visit to the Kayi tribe will be to discuss an important issue with Osman Bey And before we go into the details of what that important thing is, you should know that in the trailer we see two more Byzantine governors. They are sitting in the Inegol with Nikola and Nikola is doing it after uniting In many of our previous Article ,

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we have repeatedly told you that in the third season, Yarhisar and the governor of Belcik Fort will also appear. And they both appear in the Byzantine Governor’s trailer One of them will play the role of Byzantine Governor, Serhat Parıl, and the other Yıldıray Şahinler. At the first meeting, Michael Kosis will tell Osman Bey about the meeting with the governors of Nikola That is, he will inform Osman Bey of the gathering of his enemies But remember that in the beginning we may not get to see the scene that everyone expects That is to say, Koshi Mihal informed Osman about the trick of these governors, after which Osman Bey will conquer those two forts. 

But remember that this incident will not be seen much later On the contrary, it will only come to light after a few episodes at the beginning of the season The trailer was very interesting because it introduced us to many new characters But naming Turgut Bey is being called the strongest phrase in the trailer And when it came to this, everyone’s breath seemed to stop, because everyone was expecting that maybe Turgut Bey would also be shown, but it didn’t happen. 

Because Kurulus Osman’s team is touching the hearts of the fans And wants to see the end of their interest But remember that the role of Turgut Alp can only be seen in the trailers released before the third season. You will remember the entry of Ertugrul Ghazi in last season Which was brought to the fore in the trailers of the season And in the first episode, he was seen coming to the tribe Now there is a strong possibility that Turgut Bey will also appear in the episode This is also due to the fact that the entry in the Kurulus Osman of Turgut Alp will have a significant impact on the rating And from the first episode, it will be seen how impressive this role will be for the series Currently,

Kurulus Osman’s team is maintaining its traditional style And the secret of who has been chosen for the role of Turgut Bey has not been revealed But in a few days we will know Also, the character who attracted the fans was the same person who was shown in the scene of the trailer where Turgut Alp was called. Who is that person and what is he doing there? Everyone is showing great interest in this matter It was decided from the very beginning that Ruzgar Aksoy would be seen to play a positive role in Kurulus Osman He was expected to play the role of Koshi Mihal but it did not happen If you take a look at his character, first of all he is dressed like a soldier 

She is wearing a hat And if seen from afar, he has the flag of the Seljuk Empire where he is riding his horse in the field. Everyone is in a dilemma as to who it is There are only two cases, either it is Akcakoca and its entry will be with Turgut Bey Or they are Iltekin bey, the son of a Selcan Hatun And this same person will block the path of the Byzantine princess We will explain in the next Article why he will block this route First let’s take a look at Osman Bey’s tent and his character Last night, producer Mehmet Buzdag shared a photo announcing the arrival of the trailer In which the chief’s seat and tent can be seen Then the same tent scene appeared in the trailer 

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If you look at the Bey seat, everything has changed There is a tree-like structure in Osman Bey’s dream In addition, we see the symbol on the existing Kayi flag all around the tent That is, the style of the tent is pointing to a whole new era There has been no significant change in the role of Osman, as it is being speculated that the new season may have come a long way. Each season usually shows an interval of years But the fact that not all the characters have changed at all indicates that there will probably be a short break. In that case, it is expected that the third season will see the birth of Bala Hatun son Alauddin But remember,

this time will not stop there Rather, after a few seconds, the time gap will be seen Because we will see Osman Bey’s children grow up in the same season The same trailer has shown countless curiosity scenes And everyone wants to know the secret behind it Cerkutay, Goktug and Boran Alp, who and why have been trapped Who is Katlanio who looks like executioners? Full details on these topics will be shared in the next Article Tell us in the comment box what your reaction was as soon as you heard the name Turgut Bey in the trailer Like and share the Article See You Soon!

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