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Review Kurulus Osman Episode 8

As Kurulus Osman Episode 8 began, Usman Bay seems unexpected after learning about Selkon Hatun’s decision to Shelle Adebly. Bala Hatun also looks uncertain and is ready to wait for Osman Bay. Bala Hatun asks Sheikh Edbali about his decision. Edebali says that he should wait for a reasonable time. Adebali also forbade Bala Hatun to meet Osman Bay. Konur tells Alp Usman Bay that we will kidnap Bala Hatun. Effendi Yanis next rogue plan is to form an alliance with Elisar Bi. Dandar Bir also learns about the Edebali decision. Elisar Bay invites Princess Sophia to his palace. Usman Bey and Bansi Bei talk about the recent situation and learn about the return of Alisar Bey and also Sheikh Edabeli’s township in Yenibazar.

 In kurulus Usman episode 8, Zohare Hatun is harassing Selkon Hatun and it is a disturbing situation. Butur attacks the caravan with his Alps. Adman Bailey arrives at Yenipazar for the purpose of meeting Adebly. Meanwhile, Edabali arrives there with Bala Hatun. Osman Bey meets Edabali and he says that he will have to wait which is not a difficult task for him. Osman Bay leaves the room. Princess Sophia arrives at Elisar Bay’s place and asks her to support her. Alisar Bey wants to know about Sheikh Edbali. Meanwhile, a man comes in and informs them of the robbery of the caravan.

 In kurulus Osman Episode 8, after coming from Edabali’s room, Usman Bey sees Bala Hatun and tries to talk to him but is avoiding him because of his father’s advice. Dundar BE calls a meeting of all the BEs where Batur Alp shows him the gold he had looted. On the other hand, Ipendy Yannis has assigned Salvador and Kalanos to execute Batur Alp and Adebili respectively. Meanwhile, Alisar arrives at the bay tent and Batur slaps Alp and takes the gold and claims ownership of the gold. Boron arrives to meet Osman Bay and Conur Alp in the Alpha Jungle and informs them about Elisar Bay and Princess Sophia’s meeting. Knowing this, Osman Bay began his search for Batur Alp. Alliser Bey meets with Adebali and talks about her honor while Edebali tells her about her mistakes.

 In Kurulus Osman Episode 8, Prince Salvador and his men attacked the Batur Alp in the forest where he was being rescued by Osman Bay. He also captures Salvador. They torture him and while tolerating, he speaks. Osman Bay and the Alps came to know of their plan to execute Adebali. Princess Sophia arranges a feast for Elisar Bay who is coming to the palace with gold. Nizamadin meets Kalanos and they plan to kill Adebali. They reach the Idli’s room, carrying out the guards. On the spot, Osman Bay comes out and fights Kalanos and kills him. On the other hand, Bamsi Alp is talking with his son Iber after being tortured with Salvador.

 In Kuralus Osman Episode 8, Osman Bey and Adebali talk about the situation and Usman Bey is ready to do anything for Sheikh Adebali. On the other hand, Batur Alpa arrives at his father’s tent where his parents are worried about him. Batur Alp tells him that Osman Bay saved his life. After learning that Kalanos has been killed, Yannis makes the next evil plan. While Princess Sofia and Elisar Bey are talking, Soldiers brings Kalanos’ body. After watching this, Sophia gets angry and says that she wants Osman Bay to be killed. On the other hand, when Bansi is about Salvador’s life, he says that he wants to become a Muslim. Osman arrives at the bay tent and informs them of the meeting of Elisar Bay and Sophia. Everyone is shocked by this. Alliser Bay also enters the tent and arrests Osman Bay for killing Kalano.

Now what will Kayes decide about Alice Bayer? Will Osman Bay be caught? If yes, what will they do to Osman Bay? Is this situation pointing to an open war? What is the next wicked plan of Yannis and Sophia? What will Osman Bay do next?

Kurulus Osman Episode 9 with English Subtitles Pakistanwap

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