Destan Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles And English Subtitles Free

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Destan Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles And English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles And English Subtitles Free of Cost

In Destan Episode 7, While Alpagu is discussing the carcass in the castle garden, a kid comes and says that this lady isn’t the hook of a two-headed wolf. Khan is exceptionally astounded and needs to scrutinize the kid. Akkiz sees that the exit of the passage is open and starts conversing with Yaman. At the point when the young man checks out Akkiz, Khan calls her as well. Akkiz says she has seen this youngster previously.

Saltuk realizes what occurred in the castle and promptly goes to converse with Colpan. Khan tells that Balamir double-crossed him. Balamir denies all allegations and says another Khan ought to be picked. Alpagu says the laws again and there is no requirement for a political race, however Balamir objects. Alpagu says he will converse with the enormous board subsequent to thinking for some time.

Akkiz says Khan has won once more. Batuga requests that Akkiz leave the castle and surrender her retribution. Akkiz declines this from the beginning, however at that point submits to Tegin’s organization. Sirma emerges from the passage in the royal residence and sees Yaman. Batuga likewise emerges from the passage and gives Yaman gold. Akkiz and her companions quickly start to create some distance from the castle.

Batuga approaches the divider and hears the kid perusing the Quran. Batuga then, at that point, opens an opening in the divider and starts conversing with the kid. The kid says that he read the Quran since he felt terrible and says that the hook has as of now come to the castle. Batuga is extremely shocked to hear what the kid has said and understands the hook’s arrangement. At the point when Batuga was going to leave the basement with the kid, a warrior came.

While Colpan is going to the graveyard with Akkiz, Kaya sees them. Batuga gives gold to one of the inebriated men in the motel and requests that he enter the prison in the royal residence. This alcoholic man goes to the castle door and says he needs to converse with Khan. While Kuzu converses with the kid about the hook, the officers take this tipsy man to jail.

Balamir objects to Temur. Temur battles with his uncle and beats him. Akkiz involves the present circumstance and converses with the kids in the tent. Akkiz then, at that point, burns down certain tents. Temur quickly goes to the youngsters and saves them. Temur is extremely irate with his uncle due to what befell the kids. Batuga goes to a hotel and starts to watch the men betting there. Kaya keeps on tormenting Kuzu.

In the interim, Kaya and his fighters set out for the Dag clan. Akkiz shows the message in her grasp and says that somebody put out a snare for Tilsim years prior. Colpan understands that somebody is helping Akkiz and asks who this man in the castle is. Akkiz doesn’t respond to her and says that it is important to burrow Toygar’s grave. Colpan first items to the present circumstance, yet later acknowledges this proposal to get her dad’s seal.

While Akkiz is going to burrow the grave, Kaya assaults yet falls flat. Sirma shows Akkiz the cover she found in Balamir’s camp. Akkiz comprehends Balamir’s arrangement and makes a move right away. Temur sees Saltuk in the woods and assaults him, however Balamir furtively lays out a snare for him. Kircicek tells that Akkiz attempted to kill Khan a brief time frame prior. Akkiz comes to the royal residence while Alpagu requests that his troopers plan. Akkiz says she carried Kun Ata to the royal residence.

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