Destan Episode 4 Urdu, English Subtitles Free

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Destan Episode 4 Urdu, English Subtitles Free

Destan Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

  • Series Name: Destan
  • Season: 1
  • Episode : Destan Episode 4
  • Language: Turkish (English & Urdu Subtitles)
  • Release Date: 14-12-2021
  • ProductionTRT

In Destan, Episode 4, Balamir comes some time later and says that the entire clan of Doug was killed in the royal residence. Saltuk says Batuga is Khan’s child and subsequently ought not be killed, yet Danis denies it. Subsequent to paying attention to everybody, Alpagu called the killer to his room. Danis takes Batuga to Khan’s room.

Akiz visits Kolpan and lets him know that it is the ideal opportunity for vengeance. In the mean time, the Gock armed force shows up. Akiz left the clan and saw a Muslim kid by the waterway. While Akiz was conversing with this kid, the fighters came and said that they were searching for the two headed wolf. Akiz then, at that point, put on his cover and assaulted these warriors.Destan Episode 4 Urdu

Destan Episode 4

One of the enduring warriors gets back to the royal residence and illuminates Alpagu that the two-headed wolf is assaulting. Edge says it isn’t a fact that Balamir’s little girl wedded Batuga. Edge said Batuga flew off the handle years prior. Alpagu says the marriage is just to ensure the fate of the nation, so Balamir can never revolt. A few fighters left the castle ahead of schedule with the detainees and gold to give. Akiz saw these warriors and promptly drew up an arrangement of assault.Destan Episode 4 Urdu

Destan Episode 4 Urdu

Akiz says the detainees are presently free and placed gold in the chest for them. Sirma checks the seized cloth and expresses profound gratitude to that he would now be able to get hitched. Sooner or later, Alpagu and his soldiers arrived at the assault site. Temur sends troopers to search for the two-headed wolf and lets his dad know that he should go to a protected spot.

At Kaya’s solicitation, the troopers set up a tent by the lake to give Alpagu a rest. Akiz watched the gok officers from a good ways and trusted that the right second will assault. Alpagu says that everything he can see Batuga is the thing that he does anDestan Episode 4 Urdud that he is vital. Alpagu requested that Batuga talk once more, and surprisingly asked him to, however he actually didn’t talk. Akiz says Alpagu is far away and will get the fire going.

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Edge started praying to God and asking permission for this marriage. Akiz quietly entered the lake and tried to approach Alpagu’s tent. When Edge finished praying, Akiz sent fire arrows at the tent and set it on fire. When the soldiers tried to put out the fire, Akiz shot Alpagu with an arrow. Before Akiz escaped from the camp, Batuga saw him in the distance and recognized him.Destan Episode 4 Urdu

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The cast and subject of the Destan Series, which is set to make a big appearance soon, are empowering. The epic series’ extraordinarily expected trailer has been conveyed. In the primary secret for ‘Destan,’ Ebru Sahin’s individual Akkiz yells, “I’m the young lady of Dag, Akkiz!” I’ve progressed into some help for individuals who don’t have any. I’ve transformed into a way for people who don’t have any. Destan Episode 4 Urdu

I track down come to make agreement, to convey the slave, and to form my epic on the mountain to the sky.” The Destan Turkish Series follows the gutsy story of a contender mountain young woman Akkiz, who Gök Khan Korkut Han abandoned. Ebru Sahin and Edip Tepeli star in the main spot occupations.Destan Episode 4 Urdu

Destan Episode 4 Urdu Tvurdu

In Destan Episode 4, Akkiz understands that the falcon sculpture she had found in her fantasy before is in the castle. Kamkadin completes the custom, yet Ece is upset by what she says. Kircicek attempts to see how Alpagu is as yet alive. KaDestan Episode 4 Urduya and Temur return Alpagu to his room. Kaya requests that Temur be with him assuming Alpagu passes on. Kaya tells that Balamir will attempt to hold onto the high position.

Temur requests that Kaya quiet down and says that he will uphold his sibling as his dad said previously. Ece sends Kamkadin to the prison. Balamir says that main Batuga has an unadulterated Turkish soul however he can’t be Khan. Balamir says he merits the privileged position. Alpagu has a fantasy. Alpagu dreams of Tilsim and before long awakens. Alpagu then, at that point, gets up and attempts to open the entryway of his room.

Destan Episode 4 English

Specialist requests that Alpagu hit the hay. Alpagu asks Danis what occurred in his nonattendance. Alpagu asks Danis not to let anybody know that he has woken up and starts to subtly watch individuals in the castle. Akkiz and different ladies go to the prison as hostages. Akkiz asks Tutkun inquiries there. Temur lets everybody know that one of the hostage young ladies killed Kirac. Temur then, at that point, says he needs to assault the Dag clan. Destan Episode 4 Urdu

Saltuk says he assaulted there previously, yet he was unable to track down anything there. Kaya requests that Saltuk return to the Dag clan and bring Colpan. Saltuk sets out with the troopers of Kaya. While Akkiz is attempting to get the mouseDestan Episode 4 Urdu in the prison, a lady brings them food. Akkiz contends with the one who went to the prison. Akkiz says that Colpan will go to the castle soon and will save the hostage young ladies.

Destan Episode 4 English Kayifamilytv

Production and project design belongs to Mehmet Bozdağ; Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar play the leading roles in ‘Destan’, directed by Emir Khalilzadeh and written by Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz and Nehir Erdem..

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