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In Destan Episode 5, Ece asks her husband to rest. Alpagu says there are enemies of the state everywhere and asks his sons to always be ready. While Yibek is taking the new slaves to another room, Batuga sees them. Batuga feels guilty for not being able to help Akkiz. Yibek then asks the slaves to rest.

Destan Episode 5

When Batuga is about to give the key to Akkiz, Temur comes and says Alpagu wants to see him. The new servants then go to the palace kitchen and start working there. Alpagu kills Tilsim in his dream and later sees Batuga. Balamir sees Alpagu as delirious and realizes that his condition is not good at all.

Destan Episode 5 Urdu

Akkiz’s friends try to enter the city as merchants, but the soldiers do not let them in. Yibek then tells Ece what happened in the kitchen. Ece says that the slaves will be punished, but Akkiz attacks the soldiers in the meantime. Batuga takes Temur to the garden of the palace. Temur sees that Akkiz has a sword in her hand and neutralizes her. Tutkun talks to Ece and begins to tell her what happened in the kitchen. Ece changes the sentence she gave about the slaves and says that they will stay in the cellar for three days.

Tutkun starts asking questions to Akkiz, but later says that she believes her. Temur and Kaya want to gather information about the two-headed wolf’s claw. Alpagu says someone wants to assassinate him and asks for an investigation about Saltuk. Saltuk goes to one of the houses in the market and meets Colpan there. Saltuk says that he bought a gift for Colpan.

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Gunseli says she is very upset because she can’t have a baby and starts to cry. Ece takes the shaman out of the dungeon and asks her to cast a spell on Alpagu. Ece then goes to the garden of the palace for tea and calls the other brides. Mei receives a message from her father and later finds out that the servants in the palace were fighting. When Gunseli learns what the servants are doing, she goes to the dungeon with Yibek.

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Destan Episode 5 English

Batuga gives Akkiz something to eat and realizes that she is still angry. Akkiz blames Batuga for being a slave. Batuga says he saved Akkiz’s life and goes with her to the exit in the tunnel. Batuga says it will take a long time to open this exit. Akkiz sees the pictures in the tunnel and starts asking Batuga about them. Batuga tells what happened to his mother. Akkiz is very upset about what happened to Batuga and asks him if he has drawn a picture of her.

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Tutkun makes a mistake during this time and later gets angry with Calayir. Ece talks to the brides in the palace and gives them gifts. Batuga takes Akkiz back to the dungeon. Akkiz comes out after a short while and finds Alpagu’s room. Gunseli talks to Temur about her new maid and says that Ece wants to give that woman to Kaya. Akkiz goes to Alpagu’s room and is stopped by someone when she is about to kill him.

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