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Barbaroslar Episode 17 English & Urdu Subtitles Free

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Barbaroslar Episode 17 English & Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

In Barbaroslar Episode 17, Pietro says he will save Leonardo regardless, however Conrad objects to him. Conrad sets out for Alexandria with the emissaries going to the gathering. While Isabel is sitting tight for Oruj in the woods, Unita’s warriors catch her. Sahbaz stops Unita’s fighters and saves Isabel. Sahbaz requests that Isabel trust him now, yet she won’t acknowledge it.

Khizir says he needs to go to Lesbos with Piri. Sahin contends with Isabel. Sahbaz discovers that Oruj has captured Leonardo. Emir then, at that point, begins strolling around Oruj’s basement with his officers. Sahbaz sends a portion of his warriors and requests that they track down Leonardo. Oruj addresses the Emir by and by and cautions him cruelly. While Ilyas is assuming Leonardo to another position, Sahbaz’s men assault him. Ilyas beats the aggressors and takes Leonardo to a protected spot.

Barbaroslar Episode 17 English

Yet again sahbaz shields Isabel from Unita and requests that she trust him. Oruj converses with Leonardo and says that he will utilize him to save Lesbos. Ilyas tells Oruj that Sahbaz’s men assaulted a brief time frame back. Oruj then, at that point, gets back to the city and cautions Sahbaz once and for all. While Esma is giving garments to the stranded kids in the city, Firuze comes and starts ridiculing her. Ilyas stops Firuze’s warriors and takes Esma home.

A man assaults Khizir however fizzles. That evening, Pietro furtively sets out for Alexandria with his troopers. Isabel starts to eat with Sahbaz and gets some information about her sibling. Sahbaz understands Isabel’s arrangement and becomes irate with her. Ishaq says that individuals of Lesbos can’t stand it any longer. A mariner confesses to Oruj that the mysterious basement has detonated. Soon after, Pietro’s knights assault Oruj’s home yet fizzle.

Barbaroslar Episode 17 Urdu

Emir requests that everybody quit working, yet the Ahis say they will keep on neutralizing the oppressors. Conrad sends his warriors to the caverns outside Alexandria and plans to observe him before Pietro does. Pietro converses with Sahbaz and starts searching for Leonardo with him. Conrad enters a cavern with his troopers and tracks down Leonardo. Oruj’s snare works and Conrad is caught.

As Pietro attempts to sort out what’s happening, Conrad assaults him. While Emir is eating with the Christian diplomats, Dervish shows up. Dervish is extremely furious with Emir for what he has done and requests that he make the best decision. Afterward, Khizir and Piri assault the boat. Khizir takes Emir and Christian emissaries prisoner. Khizir requests that Emir pull out his troopers from Oruj’s home, however he won’t help them.

Oruj’s troopers start to pass on individually. Ilyas discovers that somebody has assaulted Oruj and quickly embarks to save him. Pietro sees that main Oruj has made due and emerges from his concealing spot. Pietro shoots Oruj first and afterward assaults him with his sword. Pietro kills Oruj and burns down every one of the Turks’ bodies. At the point when Ilyas shows up at the gathering place, he sees the dead Turks and starts searching for his sibling. Ilyas tracks down the dead assortments of Oruj and the mariners.

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