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Barbarossa Episode 19 With Urdu English Subtitles Free

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Barbarossa Episode 19 With Urdu English Subtitles Free

Barbarossa Episode 19 With Urdu English Subtitles Free

Barbarossa Episode 19 Release Date

  • Series Name: Barbaroslar (Barbarossa)
  • Season: 1
  • Language: Turkish (English & Urdu Subtitles)
  • Release Date: 10-01-2022
  • Production: ES Films

In Barbarossa Episode 19, Orge begins to attack Conrad with his soldiers. The Turks fought for a long time to retake the island. Gladys realized that he would lose the battle and started running towards the harbor. Khidr shot Gladys in the leg and went to the port to catch Petro. Huma thanked Sahasinam for saving the ship and invited him to his house. Shahbaz tries to take his sister to the inn. Feroz stops Shahbaz and gets angry when he breaks the agreement. Barbarossa Episode 19

Barbaroslar barbaros with english subtitles

Elias and the sailors save the mosque on the island. Isaac takes his mansion back and hangs the Turkish flag there. Unable to capture Petro Island, Gladys gets angry and Clemens returns. Orj hangs Conrad in front of everyone. While Saheen was talking to her sister, Shahbaz came and said that now she will help Unita.

Sahin gets angry at this situation. Oruj goes to his father’s grave with his brothers and prays for him. When Pietro returns to Kalymnos, the soldiers arrest him. While Pietro is trying to figure out what happened, Admiral Salvator comes and says he will be punished. Pietro says he still has a trump card to take his revenge on Oruj and convinces the admiral. Sahsenem and Isabel argue a few times at the inn. Pietro says he will harm Oruj by using his sister.

Barbaroslar Episode subtitles barbaros with english

A woman takes action to brainwash Meryem and gives her drugs. Karabay talks to a man from the palace and realizes that he has to stop Oruj once and for all. Karabay goes to Oruj’s mansion with his soldiers and arrests everyone there once again. Barbarossa Episode 19

Qaraba killed an Ottoman soldier and seized all the ammunition in the house. Darwish told Carabao not to touch the munitions, but the warning was in vain. The voyage stops Oroj at sea and tries to catch him. Orj goes to Alexandria after neutralizing the Mamluk soldiers. Shahbaz found out what Qaraba did and he is very happy about it. Khidr goes to an ambassador to Clemens. Barbarossa Episode 19

Barbaroslar Episode 19 Urdu

Nico is read in a discussion while Salvator talks to Khidr. While Khidr is asked to speak to Petro, the solver takes Perry and Nico to the dungeon. Petro talks to his sister and tells her that he was betrayed by the Turks years ago. Petro says Khidr killed his mother. Maryam remembers her childhood and thinks that Khidr has killed this family.

Orj goes to his basement and talks to his friends. Orj says he needs to find out where Huma is. Antuan says he will do it and is out. The salvator takes Nico out of his cell and begins to torture him. Perry tries to stop the solver. Salvator says he will kill all Turks. Khidr asked Petro to convert to Islam or surrender the island. Khuzair says Petro has no power after the defeat in Lesvos. Barbarossa Episode 19

Barbaroslar english subtitles barbaros with

Petro told Khudair to calm down and told him that a large fleet had already arrived at Clemenos for help. Khudair says that the Turks will win this war. Afterwards, Petro summoned Mary to the palace garden. Khidr was very surprised to see Maryam. Petro gives Khidr two days to cancel his war preparations and tells him to leave the fort. Anton captures a Mamluk soldier. Khudair plans to rescue Maryam and heads for the port as if leaving the island.

Orj found out that Feroz was at Qaraba’s house. Sahasinam tries to enter the unit building, but Shahbaz stops him. Shahbaz says that there is an important man inside and he sends his sister. Sahan learns that the person in the Unita building is named Martin and tries to gather more information.

Barbaroslar english subtitles barbaros with

Oroj and his friends enter the city that night. Orj enters the rich man’s house and seizes him. Sahan tells Isabel that Shahbaz caught Martin. Isabelle realizes that Orge is right and tries to make a plan to attack Shahbaz. Antoine goes to the basement of the city to save the dervishes and ahins. Orj goes to Carabe’s room, but he can’t see anyone there. The relatives use the opportunity to escape from their home.

As Orj tries to get out of the house, Amir’s soldiers start firing on the house. Shahbaz says he will send Huma to Petro. When Amir tries to kill Oruj, an explosion occurs. Orj runs away from home at the time of the explosion. Isabelle sees Oruj in a side street and takes him home. Petro does a good brainwashing of Mary and asks her where the Turkish spies are on the island. Isabelle says Orj is right and her brother has been kidnapped by Shahbaz.

Barbarossa Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles

Orge says he will help Isabel no matter what, but first he has to save his family. On his way to the Turkish spy headquarters on the island, Khidr learns that Christian soldiers have set a trap there. Khidr questioned Petro’s soldier and learned that Ottoman spies had been captured. Perry can’t understand how Petro got his secret headquarters. Khidr says he will sneak into the palace and save everyone there. Salvator begins to torture a spy but is unable to learn anything from him. Barbarossa Episode 19

Huma goes out of town with Amir’s soldiers, but she realizes that something is wrong. Shahbaz asked Petro’s soldiers to attack the vehicle. When Amir was talking to the soldiers in the mansion, Oroj comes. Oruj says he will surrender in exchange for the release of his family and the return of ammunition. Amir says he will not make such a deal and will arrest Oraj. Elias saved Huma and Asma. Isabel goes to Amir’s house and tells him that Huma had gone to the place of deli Barbarossa Episode 19very.

Barbarossa Episode 19 Download

Meanwhile, Anton enters the mansion and begins to kill Amir’s soldiers. Oroj’s plan works and he catches Amir. Perry and Khidr enter the fort using large chests. While Perry goes to the basement to rescue the spies, Khidr goes to Mary’s room. Orge says Carabe’s mistakes are too many to make up for and they kill him. Khidr tried to get Maryam out of the palace. Maryam says Khidr had attacked her family years ago and stabbed her. Barbarossa Episode 19


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