In Pakistan, Volta offers top-notch batteries that are affordable, suitable for usage in both industrial and domestic settings, and of superior quality. Manufacturing a variety of batteries for automobiles, inverters, generators, UPS, motorcycles, solar panels, tube wells, and other power equipment, it is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited company.

Volta Battery Price in Pakistan 2022

The cost of these batteries varies depending on the battery’s power. Volta batteries are regarded as some of the best batteries and are inexpensive.

Types of Volta Batteries

Batteries are of the following types

  1. Dry Charge Batteries
  2. Maintenance-Free Batteries
  3. VRLA Batteries
  4. A motorcycle battery
  5. Tubular Batteries

Volta Battery Price in Pakistan 2020

The price list of volta batteries in Pakistan is as follows. This price list is made according to the type of battery and number of plates.

Volta BatteriesPrice in Pakistan
Volta Maintenance Free Batteries  
MF42-B20R (12 V, 9 PPC)PKR 3320/-
MF50-B24L (12 V, 9 PPC)PKR 8100/-
MF60-D26R (12 V 60 Ah)PKR 3900/-
MF 100-D31L (12 V, 13 PPC)PKR 1300/-
Volta Motorcycle batteries and Super Series  
Super 4 (12 V, 3Ah)PKR 1299/-
Super 6 (12 V, 5Ah)PKR 2000/-
Super 8 (12 V, 7 Ah)PKR 2750/-
Super 10 (12 V, 10Ah)PKR 3500/-
Volta Tubular Batteries  
NS48 (12V, nine plates)PKR 3100/-
N95 (12 V, 13 plates)PKR 5800/-
N200 (12 V, 23 plates)PKR 11000/-
NS240 (12 V, 27 plates)PKR 14000/-
Volta Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries  
6 FMX Series (12V)PKR 28500-55000/-
6 GFM Series (12V)PKR 23500-55000/-

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