The word is currently very common due to the fact that the UPS and inverters use these batteries. These batteries are more expensive than standard batteries, but they also have greater power and a longer lifespan.

A positive electrode that is hidden away inside a covered tube that stores the conductors’ power makes up these batteries. On the other hand, these tubular batteries are primarily utilised in inverters and UPS systems due to their capacity to store a high power voltage.

Latest & Best Volta Batteries In 2020

  • Phoenix TX-1100
  • Phoenix TX-1800
  • Volta TA-1200 
  • Volta TA-2000
  • Osaka TA-1200 
  • Osaka TA-2000

Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan in 2020

Many battery brands in Pakistan make tubular batteries. The price of tabular batteries in Pakistan differs according to their brand, size, and efficiency. The price of the above-mentioned tubular batteries is as follows.

Phoenix TX-1100  26000 PKR
Phoenix TX-1800  33,300 PKR
Volta TA-1200   33,600 PKR
Volta TA-2000  48,200 PKR
Osaka TA-1200   33,600 PKR
Osaka TA-2000  48,200 PKR

Full Details ( Price & Specification )Best Volta Batteries In 2020



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