The government of Japan would contribute 1,236 million yen to enhance Multan’s mechanical sewerage and drainage infrastructure.

Japan Contributes $9,000,000 for Multan's Sewerage and Drainage Services

A signing ceremony was recently held at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Pakistan in the presence of Honda Taro, the Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, who is now there on a visit. At the ceremony were WADA Mitsuhiro, the Japanese Ambassador; KINOSHITA Yasumitsu, the Chief Representative of JICA; Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, the Minister for Economic Affairs; Mian Asad Hayaud Din, the Secretary; and other representatives from both nations.

According to the reports, Mulhan has experienced ongoing flooding of urban highways because of sewer blockages, which cause road closures and sanitary issues.

Even though the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Multan sought to enhance their services by fixing their outdated equipment for cleaning sewer lines and reusing it in areas where the equipment was most required.

By improving the sewerage machinery, such as cleaning tools and drainage pumps, this project would effectively maintain the sewer pipes and channels. It would be convenient to have increased and improved sewerage systems and to support regional sanitation that is sustainable.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Minister for Economic Affairs, thanked the Japanese government for its remarkable assistance and for decades of high-caliber and generous cooperation in the field of development.

Vice-Minister HONDA gave a speech at the signing event and thanked both countries’ governments for their diplomatic ties. and expressed his joy at taking part in the ceremony, saying that it will deepen the relationship between Pakistan and Japan.

Additionally, sources stated that Japan has provided Pakistan with development assistance of about $11.7 billion since 1954.

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