An American man set an odd Guinness world record by becoming the planet’s quickest clapper.

A violinist, Eli Bishop Clapped 1,103 Times in a Minute to Set New Guinness World Record

Eli Bishop, a violinist from the US city of Nashville, reached the milestone by clapping 1,103 times in the space of 60 seconds.

Eli has demonstrated his exceptional skill at speed clapping all over the world. Eli loves to applaud in front of people.

He previously held the record for the most claps in a minute, clapping 1,020 times in a minute.

By clapping 1,020 times in a minute earlier in 2014, he originally established the record for the most claps in a minute.

But Florida’s Seven Wade beat the record in 2018. He was only a young boy of nine. after learning the methods of a former record holder. Wade established a new record with 1,080 claps in a minute.

Eli’s new record of 1,103 claps in a minute was ultimately seen by the Guinness crew and entered into the record book.

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