How to optimize Windows 10 Update For Gaming

Today I will guide you how you can optimize your Windows 10 (2004) version for gaming. Gaming is everyone’s dream and everyone wants smooth gaming with high FPS and lag free gaming. That’s why you bought a complete high-end gaming PC to run games very smoothly, but sometimes it fluctuated and dropped the FPS. This is not your PC problem. Its work is fine.

Actually there is an issue in Windows because there are many programs that run in the background and take up RAM memory. There are many services that run in the back-end of your windows. By closing them you can easily increase the performance of your windows..

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There are some very important and working ways of optimizing Windows for gaming. But sometimes they crash windows files and cause problems in windows and you need to install windows again. This is a very difficult situation as a gamer because all your game-saves are gone and you need to play that game again. But today I will guide you how you can optimize your PC for gaming and your windows will be safe and no problem.

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If you are achieving 60–70 fps then after optimization the fps will increase to 100–120. It looks great. And if you are getting more fps then you can increase them to 240 fps. And you know how comfortable your gameplay will be. All you have to do is download the tool pack given from the link given below.

Click Here to Download Tools Pack

And  follow all the steps I have told you in the video down here ↡↡↡↡↡↡


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