What is Facebook going to do next week?
What is Facebook going to do next week?

What is Facebook going to do next week?

Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, is a social network in which every new product is integrated and now another feature is being added.

According to a report, Facebook has informed the owners of the pages by sending emails about this feature. The company is giving the owners of the pages the facility to upload podcasts which will start in four days. Later, from June 22.

If you are running a page on Facebook, you can link to the RSS feed of podcast episodes on the page, which will gradually appear on people’s news feeds. Share with friends on the news feed.

According to the company, another feature clip is also planned to be introduced soon.

This is not an unexpected announcement from Facebook. Earlier in April, Facebook announced the introduction of a number of audio products, including podcasts. Recently, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg discussed the product in real time. There was also a demonstration.

In addition, at some point this year, Facebook will add a feature called Sound Bytes. This feature will allow short audio clips to be posted on the newsfeed. Will feature

What is a podcast?

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The podcast is an audio presentation that can be heard on computer and smartphone platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. It is an Internet version of talk radio, which adds up to work on a particular day and time Be able to hear on your own time frame instead.

How Podcasts Work

A podcast is a series of “episodes” stored in the same type of audio files that we use to store music on our laptops or smartphones.

Like a television or talk show, a podcast usually focuses on a topic such as politics, sports, entertainment, horror, sports, etc. You can listen to individual episodes or subscribe to the podcast, which is usually free.

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