Three Chinese astronauts leave for a long and difficult mission in the country's history

Three Chinese astronauts leave for a long and difficult mission in the country’s history

BEIJING: Three Chinese astronauts have landed on the longest and most difficult mission in the country’s history to build a Chinese space station.

According to the details, the crew of three Chinese astronauts has successfully reached the core module of the new Chinese space station by the spacecraft named Xinzhou-12.

China on Thursday sent three astronauts aboard the Xinhua-12 spacecraft from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the northwestern Gobi Desert, including 56-year-old Nai Hashing, 54-year-old Liu Booming and 45-year-old Tang Hong. The astronauts will stay in the Tianhe residential quarters for three months, where they will build stations for experiments and repairs during their stay, as well as two more modules starting next year.

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According to Chinese officials, Xinhua-12 successfully entered the core module of Tianhe, China’s new space station, about 7 hours after its departure.
It should be noted that China is trying to build its first space center in space, called the Tian Gong Space Center, this station is being built at an altitude of 380 km (236 miles) above the ground, and its start. The largest of the three modules was launched in April this year.

Xinhua-12 is the third of 11 missions needed to complete the Chinese space station in space.



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