14 August  PUBG Update||PUBG Pakistan A statement issued by Players in Non-Battle Ground (PubG) Pakistan


14 August PUBG Update | The management of online game PubG announced a special game for Pakistani players on August 14.

A statement issued by Players in Non-Battle Ground (PubG) Pakistan said that a special online game would be held for Pakistani players on the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan.

A post shared by PubG Pakistan states that the game will start at 8:10 pm and end at 14 minutes. According to the report, the winner will also be given a cash prize.

Players participating in the game must first register, after which they will be included in a team so that no one other than the players concerned can enter the game.

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It has also come to light that PubG has recently added a map of Pakistan’s historical sites to the game for users and it is likely that the same map will be used in the competition to be held on August 14.

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Players participating in the tournament will first have to complete missions, after which they will be added to the game and then a cash prize will be awarded to the winning player.

It may be recalled that the game was recently banned by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) following a spate of suicides in the country.

The ban was later lifted on the orders of the Islamabad High Court, after which PTA officials contacted the PubG management and then the nationwide ban on the game was lifted.


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