Mistakes made while washing clothes can lead to serious infections

Mistakes made while washing clothes can lead to serious infections

Washing clothes is a common household routine but did you know that we also make many common mistakes when washing or drying clothes which have a direct negative effect on the skin.

An international website has published a report of expert advice on common mistakes in washing and drying clothes to avoid harm to the skin and health, these are some of the mistakes.

Excessive use of soap

When you use too much soap when washing clothes, its residue stays in the clothes which are harmful to the skin after wearing. If it is not taken care of, it can also cause skin wounds. ۔

Do not dry clothes well

Sometimes when the clothes are not completely dry, fungal infections can occur in the clothes. Similarly, keeping clothes in a wooden cupboard also produces odors and many types of bacteria.

Wash patients’ clothes in cold water

Patients’ clothes should be washed separately and hot water should be used so that the germs in these clothes are not transmitted to a person who does not get them directly from the patient.

The patient’s clothes should be washed more than once and kept in a clean cupboard after drying.

Slowing down and squeezing clothes after washing

To protect your health, clothes should be squeezed well after washing because soaps etc. only remove stains and dirt from clothes, do not eliminate bacteria.

Experts recommend squeezing clothes thoroughly after washing to eliminate germs.

Drying clothes indoors

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The most common mistake is to dry clothes indoors. Clothes should be dried in direct sunlight. You should also take care to remove clothes from the sun as soon as they are dry to preserve their color.

Sunlight helps a lot in eliminating bacteria and getting rid of the smell of wet clothes.

Some important tips

Dermatologist Dr. Nevedita Dadu says that soap residues in clothes and other mistakes in washing and drying clothes can lead to severe skin infections, so people with allergies should avoid these mistakes.

Experts warn that wearing wet or not well-dried clothes can also cause urinary tract infections, and that germs from clothes that have not been dried in the sun can weaken patients’ immune systems, in some cases. These bacteria can also cause fatal infections in the lungs.

source: Arynews.tv


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