Revolution in the field of health, doctors cured a very complex and delicate mental illness in a few hours

Revolution in the field of health, doctors cured a very complex and delicate mental illness in a few hours

Revolution in the field of health, doctors cured a very complex and delicate mental illness in a few hours

California: Doctors in the United States have made it possible to diagnose a very complex and delicate brain disease in just a few hours and diagnose certain diseases quickly.

According to the details, the researchers made it possible to diagnose 1500 similar diseases from the map of the human genome. Out of 1500 similar diseases of the brain, which disease does the child have? This is now possible with a map of the human genome.

After nearly 30 years of research on the human genome project, researchers have now determined the initial structure of the genome of a child with encephalopathy in just 11 hours, according to a research article published in the Massachusetts Medical Society’s medical journal. This has led to a new revolution in hygiene.

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A 5-week-old newborn baby was brought to the hospital. The baby was fine, but only 2 hours ago, he developed a disease of nausea and irregular crying and irritability. Doctors noticed that when the baby cries, Her eyes go down.

A CT scan of the baby’s head showed several large bilateral hypnosis (more dense spots), and it was reported that ten years ago, the same parents had the same neurological condition as the first cousin. Vala was born with a rapid onset of epilepsy, and the baby died at the age of 11 months without being diagnosed with the disease.

When the five-week-old baby was brought to the hospital, a blood sample was taken, according to the researchers. Just 16.5 hours later, we diagnosed the baby with thiamine metabolism dysfunction syndrome 2 (THMD2), and only 13 of them. Hours earlier, we had sequenced the genome, which paved the way for the treatment of infants, and thus the completion of the Human Genome Project revolutionized healthcare.

It should be noted that encephalopathy (impaired brain function) in infants is associated with about 1,500 genetic diseases, most of which are not even clinically recognizable, but there is a unique and effective treatment for them. , And these diseases can lead to permanent nerve injury or death without immediate treatment. The problem with these diseases is that they are similar to common diseases so there is a risk of being treated with the wrong delay. Now this research has shown the way to find a diagnosis through genome sequencing.

According to the report, a video of the baby’s head was electro-encephalographed (EEG) and it showed numerous caesareans (waves of uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain cells) in the middle, on which the baby was weaned 37.5 hours after hospitalization (Thiamine, vitamin B1) and biotin (a type of biotin vitamin B) were given, 2 hours later the child was given phenobarbital ephedrine.

The baby had a shock of only 15 seconds after the medication, 6 hours later the sick child was alert and calm, and was able to drink milk from the bottle, the determination of all three genomes confirmed the diagnosis, and 24 hours passed without any shock. The patient was later sent home, now 7 months old.