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Mianwali: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan says

Mianwali: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he is starting real freedom movement from Mianwali. He can call Islamabad March any day after 20th.

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan while addressing a meeting at Home Ground Mianwali said, “I thank Allah for seeing the sea of ​​people. I say that he has explained to the nation the meaning of La ilaha illa Allah.

“I will never forget you people, when no one voted for me, the people of Mianwali told me, the people of Mianwali elected me for the first time,” he said. “I am starting the real freedom movement from Mianwali.” I can call Islamabad March any day after 20th, when I call Islamabad you will come.

Imran Khan asked, “If the government of dacoits keeps containers, will you remove them?”

He said that you have to decide whether to follow the command of Allah, Allah commands us to stand with the truth, to stand with the good, neutral is only an animal and not a human being Jihad against them, stand with them.

Former Prime Minister said that if the right decision is made in 75 years will be the nation that Iqbal dreamed of, these thieves

Imran Khan said that the thieves lodged an FIR against me, arrested Rashid Shafiq from the airport and put him in jail. Thieves and traitors will be heard, Shahbaz Gul on the motorway was attacked by thieves, if something happens to a worker, Three Stooges and his handlers will be responsible

He said that this is the age of social media and now no one can control this nation. The sea of people is coming to Islamabad. My challenge is that never before in history so many people have reached Islamabad. Yes, but I have not seen such a big meeting in the history of Mianwali

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