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Imran Khan announced a march towards Islamabad on May 25

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has announced a long march towards Islamabad on May 25

PTI Chairman Imran Khan while addressing a press conference said that a meeting of the core committee was held today in which the date of the long march has been decided. If these thieves remain in the government, then understand that we have no future.

He said that a nation which does not punish powerful criminals is doomed, there is no justice and rule of law in the nation and it does not develop. The only demand is to give an election date and dissolve the assembly. We want a clean and transparent election in the country.

Imran Khan said that our politics is peaceful, people of all classes, women come to our meetings, if the peaceful march is obstructed then legal action will be taken, he said that it is feared that the internet will be shut down 2 days ago There are reports of shutdown of petrol and diesel. Citizens should also prepare for petrol and diesel in advance.

Chairman PTI said that there was a conspiracy of regime change from USA against the government, local people were brought together for regime change, conspiracy was hatched by bringing together the most corrupt people. was done.

“We did our best to prevent the regime change conspiracy from succeeding. Unfortunately, we did not succeed. On March 7, a clear threat was made by the United States. The no-confidence motion was tabled the very next day. MNEs were offered Rs 20.20 crore to leave the party. A conspiracy was also launched against us in the media.

Imran Khan said that this conspiracy was not against me but against Pakistan. For the first time after 60’s, industries started going up. For the first time, farmers were given full money from sugar mafia. The country was moving forward from all sides, because I was not running away from the country, nor was money laundering or building property, what was the reason that our government was removed under the conspiracy.

The former Prime Minister said that when we were taking the economy out of crisis, Corona came. Also saved from Corona, we brought the growth rate to 6%.

He said that his experience was seen in the economy, rupee and stock market fell, inflation in the country increased and now there is going to be more inflation, today he has no plan, he is afraid to make these decisions, sitting outside. The fugitive convict is giving him advice, the country’s prime minister is on bail.

The former prime minister said that people were used as tissue paper for conspiracy. It was said that this prime minister did not listen to us. He went to Russia. Get him out.

He said that India announced yesterday that it is reducing the price of diesel and petrol, India is buying cheap diesel and petrol from Russia, we also had to buy oil from Russia at 30% discount, the slave government bought 30% from Russia. Rejected the decision to buy subsidized oil, this government does not dare to buy oil and wheat cheaper from Russia.

Imran Khan said that I was trying for an independent foreign policy for the betterment of the country. These puppets were brought. This is an insult to 22 crore people and not mine. Billion was to be convicted in FIA NAB cases but he will become the Prime Minister and Chief Minister.

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