Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 English, Urdu - Update

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 English, Urdu – Update

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کورولش عثمان کی ٹیم ، کورولش عثمان سیریز کےسیزن کو اپنی 64 ویں قسط کے ساتھ بند کرے گی۔ کورولش عثمان ، جو تاریخ کے بارے میں ہے اور اس کے ساتھ ہی ہر ایک واقعہ میں ایک مختلف جوش و خروش پایا جاتا ہے ، اس کی آخری 3 اقساط آخری مرحلے پر پہنچ گئی ہیں
کورولش عثمان کا دوسرا سیزن ، جہاں پچھلے سیزن میں بہت سے واقعات پیش آئے ، اختتام کو پہنچا ہے۔ کورولش عثمان ، جو دیریلیش ارطغرل سیریز کا تسلسل ہے ، اپنی پہلی قسط کے بعد سے ہی اس کی بہت توجہ حاصل کر رہا ہے

ٹی وی سیریز میں ہونے والی پیشرفت کے بعد ارطغرل بے کا دور اختتام پذیر ہوا ،۔ اس کے بعد بامسی بے کی موت کے ساتھ ہی کورولش عثمان میں ایک نئے دور کا آغاز ہوا۔
کورولش عثمان ، جو آج شام اے ٹی وی چینل پر سامعین کے سامنے پیش ہوگا ، اس میں منگول لعنت کو آہستہ آہستہ ختم کرنے کے لئے اقدامات اٹھائے جائیں گے۔ دوسرے سیزن کے اختتام کے بعد ، ایسا لگتا ہے کہ نیا سیزن مختلف منظر کے ساتھ اسکرینوں پر آجائے گا۔ اب ، تیسرے سیزن کے ساتھ ، بازنطیم کے ساتھ سخت لڑائیاں اسکرین پر ظاہر ہوں گی۔ توقع ہے کہ

منگولوں کے ساتھ جنگیں بہت کم ہوں گی۔
نئے سیزن میں ، ہم ریاست کے وجود کے لئے پہلی جدوجہد کا مشاہدہ کریں گے ، جس کی بنیاد رکھی گئی تھی۔ کامیاب کاسٹ چھوڑنے والے ناموں کی جگہ ، نئے سیزن میں حیرت انگیز نام آرہے ہیں۔
نوٹ:(کورولش عثمان سیزن 3 اکتوبر 2021 میں شروع ہو گا۔)

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap The second season of the Kurulus Osman Season 2 series has ended in such a way that everyone is wondering when the next season will be released. And his will their blood-warming era begin once again There are rumors that the season will come ahead of time And that The new episode will be released next week We will tell you the details of how true these things are

Let’s talk about why we need to improve next Kurulus Osman Season 3 

  • Which historical series will be seen on the screen? 
  • Why did Mehmet Buzdag, the producer of Kurulus Osman series, abruptly end his second series prematurely? 
  • Is the event likely to come out soon for the third season? 
  • We will also give you important information about the big news coming out about Gunca Hatun At the same time, we will talk about why Torhan Alp has been martyred so suddenly. What will Osman Bey’s personality look like in the new season? 
  • What will be the main theme of next season? 
  • Will we get to see Sungurtekin Bey’s offspring next season? 

In addition, we will share more important information with you in today’s Artical Be sure to watch the video to the end for the full details and subscribe to our channel The series of action, suspense and emotional episodes of Kurulus Osman series has stopped 

Now fans are optimistic about the new season We will talk about the upcoming news of  Kurulus Osman season 3 After the end of this season, we will also talk about various Turkish series at the request of our audience. Soon we will also provide you with important information on the great Turkish series Barbarossa At the same time,

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we will keep updating the series on the rise of the Seljuks But our first priority will be the Kurulus Osman series The Kurulus Osman series is hit hard every time it hits the screen This time, the Buyuk Seljuklu series also tried to compete And this series was very successful But the final episode of the Kurulus Osman series returned to the festival Everyone seemed to be wow Preparations for the new season of the Kurulus Osman series have not started properly yet And the rival series is also looking up Almost every time

the Kurulus Osman series has to undergo rigorous preparations And next season will see a tough competition The series that draws people from all over the world to the Turkish historical series is, of course, Dirilis Ertugrul. 
And Engin Altan, who plays Ertugrul Ghazi, the king of the hearts of fans Seeing him on screen again will be a very exciting moment in the historical series The series has already received rave reviews around the world All eyes are on this series Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Barbaros 

We will explain this in a detailed Artical soon Now Barbrosler is also competing in the Kurulus Osman series This great historical series will clash with each other Only the trailer of Barbarossa has been released so far And maybe it will be released before the third season of Kurulus Osman series After Dirilis Ertugrul, Turkey has been presenting a series of historical series As the new season of Kurulus Osman series unfolds, he will have to face stiff competition But Buzdag Sir surprisingly ended the first season of his second series Bozkar Arsalan Jalaluddin during this time. 

Which consists of only 7 episodes Now Kurulus Osman will be able to retain his place in the ratings after the return of the series or not Only time will tell and especially the story of the new season There are many claims that this story will be the strongest of all the seasons of this series. 

That is, the theme of this season and its events will win our hearts once again Now that the competition is fierce, the story of the Kurulus Osman series will be improved Every mistake that was made last season will be avoided Competition always improves quality And we are confident that

the Kurulus Osman series will live up to our expectations next season as well And as soon as the field is ready, the scale of this series will be heavy Now let’s talk about whether the new season is likely to come very soon There are many rumors that the new season did not take much time this time. It is true that the risk of a global epidemic has decreased to some extent but it is not over. Therefore, this time too, decisions will be made keeping in view the circumstances And there is no reason to be ahead of time or too early in the season Because there is a complete procedure to be followed 

There will be a selection of cast for the new season Great story, script, historical events will be looked at one by one And everything will take time In no case can it be less than three months And what’s the point of those who are still saying that a new episode will be released next week after the season finale Preparations for the new season will be in full swing from next month And slowly the news about the newcomers will start coming out Before talking about Gunca Hatun,

let’s talk about Torhan Alp Which was included in the series a few episodes earlier Each episode of the last episode was admirable and wonderful Except for the testimony of Torhan Alp which surprised and depressed everyone Turhan Alp had made a place in everyone’s hearts in a short time And fans had high hopes for him Just like Bamsi used to think of Be Torhan Alp The only meaning of what Bamsi Bey said in favor of Torhan Alp before his departure is beyond our comprehension. 

Torhan Alp was praised by Bamsi Bey And he proved to be a very capable soldier Turhan Alp’s joining Osman Bey’s troops was a positive sign Even though he was a fictional character, the desire to make him look taller was being expressed There is no doubt that Torhan Alp was impressing the rest of the characters due to his stature, size and dignified personality. 

Torhan Alp had attracted a lot of attention from the audience as soon as he arrived And Goktog Alp and Boran were sidelined Even in the series, Goktog Alp was seen being jealous of Torhan Alp All these incidents on the one hand and on the other hand Torhan Alp throwing Togay at the feet of Osman Bey was not a small incident We had the same opinion about Torhan Alp that if he had stayed a little longer, he would have gained a lot of popularity 

But there is only one reason for his sudden martyrdom The purpose of bringing this character was to make the series more attractive for the time being And now, next season, Osman Bey’s historical associates are to be brought to the fore So it was very important to end the role of Torhan Alp Big news is also coming out about Gunca Hatun that he may not appear in the series again It is too early to say more The reason for this is that Emil Dede, who plays Gunca Hatun, may be involved in another project. But no official announcement has been made yet 

The removal of Gunca Hatun in the wake of the Boran Alp will upset the balance of the series And it is not possible to make Boran Alp disappear with Gunca Hatun Because Boran Alp is a historical character But it is possible that Gunca Hatun will disappear like Ayesha Hatun And after a long time,

he came back to the story But it is difficult to say whether his role will be abolished Because no announcement was made So it is also possible that we saw Gunca Hatun in Season 3 on the first day And all this news is just rumors The theme for next season will also be very important In the first season, we got to see the story of Osman Bey’s training and his eternal love In the second season,

the battle of Sardari and the great battles and victories of Osman Bey. Speaking of the next season, we think that the whole axis will be first the establishment of the state and then the sons of Osman Bey (Orhan and Allauddin) If we look at the training of Osman Bey, when he went through the stages of fighting, he was given the secret of a soldier Then he was seen as a chief and he was given the title of Bey Osman Bey was first seen in a long hair and then in a very short hair 

  • The reason for shortening his hair was to grow his beard Because in the first season, there were many objections that his beard should be grown Now it seems that Osman Bey’s hair will be grown again As in Season 3,
  • Ertugrul Bey was Do you think Osman Bey’s hair should look long or short?
  •  What should be changed in their personality? 

Be sure to let us know in the comments box Sungurtekin Bey’s offspring will be seen next season or not? We will explain this in detail in the next video See You Soon!

Kurulus Osman, who will appear on the ATV channel this evening, will take steps to gradually end the Mongol curse. After the end of the second season, it looks like the new season will come on the screens with a different scene. Now, with the third season, fierce battles with Byzantium will appear on screen. Wars with the Mongols are expected to be minimal.
In the new Kurulus Osman season 3, we will witness the first struggle for the existence of the state, which was founded. In place of the names that left the successful cast, amazing names are coming in the new Kurulus Osman season 3.

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Release Date

The Kurulus Osman Season 3 will begin on October 3, 2021

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