Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 Free of Cost Update!

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 Free of Cost Update!

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 Free of Cost Update!

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap There are fans of Turkish historical series all over the world 

Engin Altan is one of the uncrowned kings in the world of historical series There is no denying that, as the character of Ertugrul Ghazi, Engin Altan has cast such a spell on the fans that they are still captivated by the moment. It’s good news for fans to see Engin Altan in a historic series again after the end of the Dirilis Ertugrul series. 

All eyes were on the Barbaroslar series for a long time All eyes were on the Barbaroslar series for a long time Finally it is too late, got a glimpse of the series After which many questions have come up from the fans

 In today’s Article we will talk about

  • Why Engin Altan was not given the main role? 
  • If Hızır Reis is not the hero of this series then who is? 
  • Will there be a big naval battle in the first episode? 
  • When is the first full trailer and episode of the series going to be released? 
  • On which day will the series present its episode on screen? 
  • What era will be shown in the Barbarossa series, will it be very modern or how many types of weapons will be shown in the ancient series? 
  • Which actors are included in the cast of the series? 
  • We will talk in detail about the story of the four brothers and also tell you who will play the role of the villain?

Even more powerful and important information will be given to you in today’s Article Must Read the Article till the end

The Barbaroslar series has already made the atmosphere quite exciting Everyone seems to be hanging on the waiting cross. When will this wait end?

 We will also talk about it. The shooting of this series was supposed to start at the beginning of the year The delay was due to the global epidemic and the large set of the series Well, the time has come to pass And a glimpse of the series has surfaced since the shooting began Which has plunged fans into a quagmire of curiosity and anxiety Somewhere along the line, Engin Altan is the reason for this series Who attracted the attention of people all over the world as the character of Ertugrul Ghazi 

Now all the fans longed to see Engin Altan on screen At last this long wait is about to end and our hero Engin Altan will be before us this time as the King of the Sea Earlier, we had long seen Engin Altan as a hero in Dirilis Ertugrul. Ever since the news came out that he is not playing the role of Khairuddin Barbarossa in the Barbaroslar series but the role of Oruç Reis Since then, everyone seems to be wondering why Engin Altan was not brought in as the main character Weavers It is important to take a look at the story of the Barbaroslar brothers to find out 

In fact, it all started with Oruç Reis He was the one who started this successful era and Hızır Reis who was later trained as Khairuddin Barbarossa In that sense, his character will be bigger than Khairuddin Barbarossa, but remember he won’t be seen for long. This is sad and bad news for Egin Altan fans but the fact is that Egin Altan’s era will soon be over. And then the era of Hızır Reis will be seen, but the real founders were Oruç Reis Let us first tell you a little history of these four brothers who will never be forgotten 

Then we will discuss the trailer of the series in detail Weavers Oruç Reis, Hızır Reis, Ilyas Reis and Ishak Reis were four brothers and another name for bravery. They ruled the sea for centuries. The four brothers traded internationally at sea It all started when the four of them were together And Oruç Reis was responsible for taking the ships to the right ports Only a brave man can face pirates and thiefs Oruç Reis was the first of the brothers to handle the affairs of the ships. 

And after that his brother Ilyas Reis also appeared with them He then built his own ship And began his maritime career Isaac was the eldest when the three brothers got involved in maritime affairs He was busy with his family’s economic and business affairs Oruç Reis became a very successful sailor One of his characteristics was that he was fluent in not just one but many languages He also spoke Cyan, French, Greek and Arabic On his return from Tripoli, Lebanon, Oruç Reis and his younger brother Ilyas Reis were attacked and killed. And the Oruç Reis chiefs were wounded ,Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1

His father’s boat was also confiscated And the Oruç Reis chiefs were taken prisoner He spent about 3 years in prison After that, Hızır Reis got information about his brother And they managed to escape from there Since then, the Oruç Reis have won many ships And occupied different areas Which were close to the sea During all this, Hızır Reis grew up in the training of his brother Aruch Raees ,Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1

This means that the role of Oruç Reis will remain central till this period 1509 My eldest brother Isaac also joined his brothers After which Oruç Reis got more fame Oruç Reis’s greatest achievement to date was to bring Muslims trapped in Spain to safety in North Africa. For this great deed, he was named Baba Oruç And then he was called Barbarossa, which in Italian language is called Red Beard. Talk about Oruç Reis end time So Abu Zian was ordered from Spain to kill the Oruç Reis Who was made the new ruler of Tilmson, Algeria The Oruç Reis chief already knew about the plan And they attacked Telmison Abu Zian was killed and the city was captured ,Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1

Then Charles V returned And he was received by the governor at the Spanish port Which was accompanied by 10,000 Spanish troops, while the Oruç Reis was present with 6,500 troops The city was defended for 20 days After which Oruç Reis and his brothers were killed After all this, the address and status of Barbarossa was given to Hızır Reis by Sultan Saleem I. Now we tell you the whole story From here, things get trickier We’ve already made it clear that Engin Altan, or Oruç Reis, may be seen as a hero throughout the first season. Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1

The main characters of the first season will be the Oruç Reis There is no need to elaborate further In the first season, Hızır Reis Hopman will be seen going through a training period If we talk about one of the highlights of the Barbarossa season, it is Engin Altan who is seen saying, “Hold on, hold on.” In all these scenes, his style of standing and his dialogue are showing the importance of his own series. 

If we talk about this period, then these deeds came to light at the height of the Ottoman Empire We saw Engin Altan wielding a sword in Dirilis Ertugrul And there was a very ancient time seen in Dirilis Ertugrul But now we will see a changing time Where new weapons for war are being invented If you pay attention to this scene, maybe there has been an attack here Meanwhile, Oruç’s teammates pulled out their guns But remember that we will also see swordsmanship here In this scene we are also shown burning boats and attack scenes,Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1

 There may be a war scene at the beginning of this series At the same time, it was clear from this teaser that there will be a smoky entry in this series of Engin Altan In this scene, we saw someone coming out of the water holding a sword Some amulets are made of thread and pearls around his neck If you look at the Oruç Reis in the meantime,

it’s all in their throats You will see great scenes of entry in this series When it comes to the cast of the series, everyone knows that Engin Altan will play the role of Oruç Reis and Ulaş Tuna Astepe will play the role of Hızır Reis Yetkin Dikinciler and Jenar Korku (will play Ilyas Reis and Ishak Reis) Speaking of the villains of the series, it is rumored that Turkish actor Erhan Ünlütürk will play the role of a villain. Viewers will tell you when to watch the first episode of this series. 

This cycle of unrest continues Because a bad set project takes more time So it is possible that this series will come out in September And Friday to present each new episode 

If Reader like the Article, please like and share it Viewers will set the screen on fire if the Kurulus Osman series and Barbarosler are released simultaneously in September. How excited you are to see them both together Be sure to let us know in the comment box See You Soon!

When We Can Enjoy The Drama Barbarossa On The TRT1 TV Screen?

We got a recent update about Barbarossa. The CEO of TRT İbrahim Eren has been announced, that in September 2021 it’s starting the shooting and we have to wait until June 2021 to watch it on your TV screen as well.

TV series of TRT1 called Barbarossa starring Ulaş Tuna Astepe and #EnginAltanDüzyat, prepared by ES Film, its director Doğan Ümit Karaca has been announced. Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1

Ships of the Barbaroslar

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