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Review Kurulus Osman Episode 10

As Kurulus Osman Episode 10 began, Alisar Bay is present in Sheikh Edebali’s room and while coming out, he informs Bala Hatun what had happened inside. He also calls Bala Hatun and asks for her response and she refuses. He goes with the answer that he will wait for his decision as he has been informed about Gunduz Bey. Sophia is waiting for Yannis in the palace. Kurulus Osman arrives at the cave where Sansa Cavus and Siddiq are preparing for a raid. Zohare Hatun informed Dundar Bi about the condition of Gundruz Bay. Elisar Bay reaches Kai Maidan and shows it by asking about Gunduz Bay. Alisar shouts at Bye, knowing about the Dundar Bayar who is the traitor. Alliser Bey accepts that he is responsible for what happened to Gunduz Bey and also tells Dandar Bayer that it is in exchange for the stolen gold. Dandar Bayer refuses but Alisar blames Usman for this.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, Osman Bay and his Alps make some plans ahead. Kurulus Osman orders Erkut Alpha to go to the market and bring some news. They are all ready to go to the palace. Alisar Biyar warns Dundar Bey that Kaias will have to avenge him if his gold is not returned. Dundar Bei tries to overcome this situation but Elisar Bay says that he has to return the gold double. While Osman and the Alps are searching to enter the palace, Siddiqui tells them that he knows a secret entrance to the palace’s treasure room. Dundar Bey is furious at Usman but Selken Hatun is trying to defend him. Dander Bir says that Kai’s future is more important to him than Osman’s. Bala Hatun Sheikh brought some water for Adebali and found that he was crying.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, Bala Hatun asks the reason for this. Adebali says that he is concerned with the recent situation of the Muslim Ummah in how much we are upsetting our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (ىلى الله عليه وسلم). We are not united. Alliser Bey calls the fake astrologer Abdul to her room and asks her about her sleep. Not knowing, Abdul tried to overcome the situation and fulfill his evil plans. He takes some water in the pot and starts watching it. Abdul then says that he deserves some attention then sleep. Alisar Bey asks Abdul to tell him. Abdul says that he is seeing that Osman’s reputation is being eroded and that Alisar Bi is becoming stronger and his resolve to become Sultan is now becoming stronger. He also states that he will have to tie up with his fellow businessman. Alisar is believing all that Abdul is saying.

In Episode 10, Kurulus Osman, Dundar calls a meeting of BIS and tells them what Alisar Bey said. All the Beans blame Osman who is on the run but Bamsi Bay tries to defend Osman. Dundar Bi orders to collect gold under all circumstances. Meanwhile, Osman arrives at the bay tent and says that he will bring gold by morning. He then goes to the tent to meet Gunduz Bey. Sophia gets the news of Elisar B coming and is happy that Yannis has succeeded. Gunduz Bey opens his eyes and tells Usman not to get into trouble. Then Usman Bay and Bamsi Ape come out of the ground. Sansa Bay, Abdurrahman Ghazi, and other Alps are dressed like Byzantine soldiers.
 In Kurulus Usman Episode 10, Bala Hatun comes to the ground and talks to the other Hatoons, but Ayugal is uncomfortable with the situation. Sheikh tells a story to Idli Akka and sends him to Alisar Bey’s mansion to gather intelligence. Ayal added salt to Bala Hatun’s sorbet. Nevertheless, Bala Hatun drank sorbet. Bala Hatun says that she is ready to give all kind of help for every Gunduz Bay and goes after Aygul’s hostile attitude. Selkan Hatun warns Aygul and Zohra Hatun what happened. Osman Bay and Bamsi come to other Alps. Dandar Bir is worried that not enough gold can be collected, but the Selkan continue to protect Hatun Osman. Osman Bay and the Alps set out under the leadership of Siddiqui.

In Kurulus Osman episode 10, the Mongols attacked the market and killed many people. On the other hand, they also attack Kai plane and capture Dandar Bayer and Gunduz Bay. Meanwhile, Osman and the Alps arrive at the market and find out about the Mongol attacks. They start fighting. Balge sends an invitation to meet Osman Bay, which he accepts and orders the Alps to bow down their swords. Balge offers him a twilight position to fight for. Usman Bey says that he should return his sword to him and he will fight and execute them all. Balge also told Usman that either he would have to accept the proposal to be a Sanjak Bae or die.

What will Osman decide now? Will Osman and his Alps be able to fight a lot of Mongol warriors? What will they do to Dundar Biar and Gunduz Bei? What is the next evil plan of traitors?

Kurulus Osman Episode 10 in English Subtitles

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