Kurul Usman Episode 4 in English and Urdu Subtitles

In Kurulus Osman Episode 3, Yannis Effendi, who was reciting the Holy Quran in the cave, becomes enraged upon hearing the news about Osman. Therefore, news is prevalent everywhere that Usman killed Takefur. On the other hand, Osman meets the priest to learn about those women. Asgul and Bersin talk about Usman while washing clothes, they get very angry at him. Meanwhile, he is attacked by Sofia’s commanders. Aigul is now kidnapped. Bersin informs Dunder Bei, who is busy discussing an agreement with the Byzantine Empire about the incident.

 In Kurulus Usman episode 3, The Beauz goes to the palace and the soldiers say that they will execute Ayagul if Usman does not come out. Dundar Bay meets Sophia and asks her about her daughter. Sophia says Usman has to prove his innocence. So, Osman makes an entry here. And the debate ends with a fair court ruling. The soldiers take Usman to the dungeon. There, the commander questions him about Takefur’s slaughter but Usman transfers this question to him. But the commanders left the cell, blaming Usman. Sophia and Helen talk about Osman that he will run away from here. After fleeing to find the treasures and the sacred relics, they tell Thokals to follow Osman. Dunder Baer and Bamsi Bay talk about Osman. Osman manages to come out of the dungeon by finding the key in the soup and defeating the guards. Now, Theokles is following him. Usman then, the chief Akinji discusses the drawings and plans of Alp Konur and the other Alps palaces. Efendi Yanis arrives at the palace. Osman and Thokals engage in a fight and Osman captures him and finds out about his dispatchers.

Kurul Usman Episode 4 in English and Urdu Subtitles watch Full HD


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