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Difficult to launch 5G technology in Pakistan this year

Lahore: Telecom industry has termed the launch of FiveG technology in Pakistan this year as difficult, saying that expensive FiveG sets, lack of infrastructure and limited spread of FourG has become an obstacle in FiveG.

According to the details, the government had set a target of launching 5G technology in the country by December 2022, but this does not seem to be possible as according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a telecom company, Pakistan’s infrastructure will be 5G for the next 2 years. Not ready for technology.

Sources say that 10% of Pakistan’s population still lacks all kinds of telecom services, so at the moment the first priority should be to deliver the fastest 4G to every Pakistani as only 1% of Pakistan’s population can afford 5G handsets.

Sources say that spending money on technology that is only available to the rich is not suitable for Pakistan and that is why it is not possible to introduce 5G technology in Pakistan by the end of this year. Companies will focus on providing 4G service.

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