Barbaroslar Episode 16 English Subtitles And Urdu Subtitles For Free

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Barbaroslar Episode 16 English Subtitles And Urdu Subtitles For Free

Barbaroslar Episode 16 English Subtitles And Urdu Subtitles For Free Of Cost

In Barbaroslar Episode 16, Meryem says she sat idle. Pietro says that he will bite the dust due to what befell Leonardo. While Oruj is asking Leonardo a few inquiries, the Rhodes knights’ boat starts to assault them. Gladius begins searching for Khizir on the island to get him. Oruj’s companions fire the knights’ boat and forge ahead their way.

Along with Piri, Khizir assaults the knights and afterward goes to their boat. At the point when Gladius sees the bodies in the woods, he quickly goes to the port and attempts to stop Khizir. Gladius can’t get him, as Khizir pokes holes in the boats in the harbor. Sahin says that he will accomplish Unita’s work. Sahbaz objects to his sibling, yet can’t stop him. Sahbaz lets Sahin know that he ought to never commit an error in this. A brief time frame later, Emir comes to the motel and says that Oruj crushed the Christians.

Oruj says that Ilyas ought to wed Esther now and needs the wedding arrangements to be made quickly. Khizir subtly gets together with Meryem while she is meandering around the island. Meryem lets Khizir know what occurred in the palace and sets off with him to go to Alexandria. Pietro discovers that Meryem has passed on Kalymnos and orders Piri to be killed.

Piri says that years prior while drawing a guide of a palace, some Christian troopers assaulted him. Piri keeps on telling her story and says Dervish saved her. Dervish then, at that point, takes Piri to the Sultan’s tent. King checks out the drawings in Piri’s scratch pad and acknowledges how skilled he is. Ruler doesn’t rebuff Piri and requests that he keep drawing maps.

The privateers in the hotel say that the exchange was harmed because of the conflicts Oruj made. Piri says they thoroughly took care of the Muslims in the Mediterranean and beats the privateers. Later Piri leaves the motel, Pietro’s men assault him. With the assistance of Dervish, Piri routs the aggressors. Piri perceives Dervish and says thanks to him for his assistance years prior. That evening, the wedding festivities start at Oruj’s manor.

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Gladius assaults the boats ensuring Lesbos and takes them in a brief time frame. Gladius asks the cannons on the boats to focus on the island. Sahbaz makes an arrangement to make A leonardo from Oruj and takes move. The following day, a concealed man enters the basement and kills Oruj’s warriors. Antuan is extremely glad to see this man and expresses gratitude toward Pietro.

Isabel learns of her sibling’s whereabouts and trusts that Oruj in the backwoods will save him. At the point when Piri is going to get Antuan and Leonardo, Sahbaz’s privateers stop him. Sahbaz lets Leonardo know what his identity is and embarks to take him to the port. Pietro meets with the delegates of the Christian states and berates them that they will before long completion the Turks in the Mediterranean. A man comes to the palace as Pietro says that Leonardo will come soon. This man is Oruj and he says he will complete Pietro’s arrangement before it start

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