Barbaroslar Episode 14 Urdu And English Subtitles For Free

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Barbaroslar Episode 14 Urdu And English Subtitles For Free

In Barbaroslar Episode 14, Pietro actually takes a look at the chests of gold in the woods and trusts that his warriors will bring the guns. Khizir breaks a piece of the rudder to make the boat sail to an island. Huma says she will set up a texture studio in Alexandria and gets authorization from the Emir for this work. Emir begins to search for a way not to fail to keep a grip on the exchange. Oruj and his companions begin searching for Pietro in the woodland.

Barbaroslar Episode 14 Urdu And English

Oruj kills different knights and catches chests brimming with gold. Isabel slips into the hotel and attempts to save her sibling. Sahbaz stops her again and tells her that he has given her chance to think until the following day. Meryem attempts to cut the ropes in Khizir’s grasp, yet falls flat. The privateers return not long after and say that they will just take Meryem to Kalymnos.

Barbaroslar Episode 14 Urdu

Oruj shifts the course of his boat and flames at Pietro’s boat. Pietro sees that the pole of his boat is broken. Oruj’s companions close the opening in the boat’s frame and proceed with the excursion. Isabel converses with Huma and says she is extremely grieved. Oruj shows up at the port of Alexandria later a long excursion. Oruj says this boat presently has a place with him and his companions. Dervish expresses a few things from the Qur’an.

Barbaroslar Episode 14 English

Sahin says that nobody can bet in the hotel any longer, however Sahbaz goes against him. Sahbaz says that everybody can bet and savor the hotel. A man of Pietro’s comes to the hotel and requests that Sahbaz discover where the gold will be conveyed. Sahbaz requests that Jafer follow Oruj. Emir says goodbye to Hayrabay and sends him to Cairo. Emir understands that his position is in a risky circumstance and starts searching for a better approach to assault Oruj.

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Jafer converses with a man who came from Ethiopia to get the gold and takes in Oruj’s arrangement from him. Huma understands that Oruj feels frustrated about Isabel and requests that he be understanding. Jafer tells the data he figured out how to Sahbaz. Khizir inspects the guides with Meryem and looks further into the mystery of the book. Ilyas takes Esther to the boat in the harbor and proposes to her. Esther acknowledges the proposition to be engaged.

Barbaroslar Episode 14 Urdu Facebook

Gladius says he did this attack to test them and asks his soldiers to prepare for the next day. Sahbaz learns that someone is fighting in the inn and immediately goes there. Sahbaz sees Antuan at the inn and tells him where the gold was delivered. Antuan says that Oruj’s ship has illegal cannons. Sahbaz immediately invites Emir to the inn and tells him that Oruj has a lot of guns on his ship. Emir says he will use this opportunity to finish Oruj.

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Gladius attacks while Khizir is checking a bay for the shipyard. Ishaq comes out of hiding and stops Gladius. While Ilyas was carrying the gold with the Ethiopians, Antuan stopped them. Ilyas immediately sends news to Oruj and starts to fight Antuan.

Barbaroslar Episode 14 English Download

While Oruj is arguing with Emir, a message from Ilyas arrives. Oruj asks Emir to leave the cannons on the ship and immediately sets out to save Ilyas. Antuan kills the Turks first and then Ilyas.

Barbaroslar Episode 14 Urdu Download

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