Barbaroslar Episode 1 New Update! Promo 2 English, Urdu Subtiles

Barbaroslar Episode 1 New Update! Promo 2 English, Urdu Subtiles

Barbaroslar Episode 1 New Update! Promo 2 English, Urdu Subtiles

When We Can Enjoy The Drama Barbarossa On The TRT1 TV Screen?

We got a recent update about Barbarossa. The CEO of TRT İbrahim Eren has been announced, that in September 2021 it’s starting the shooting and we have to wait until June 2021 to watch it on your TV screen as well.

TV series of TRT1 called Barbarossa starring Ulaş Tuna Astepe and #EnginAltanDüzyat, prepared by ES Film, its director Doğan Ümit Karaca has been announced. Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1

Hello friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap The second trailer of Barbarossa has caused a stir on the screen The action and suspense seen in the trailer was enough to make the fans restless Above all, watching the king of the historical series, Engin Altan, on the screen doubles the joy of the fans. Even before the start of the series,

Indu trailers have caused a stir all over the world It is already estimated that this will be one of the most successful series in Turkey that will be remembered for centuries The long wait of the fans for this great series is bringing color And two trailers appearing at short intervals have made fans sway with joy. Now everyone is looking forward to watching the first episode of the Barbaros series. 

The second trailer that was released was enough to raise the hearts of the fans. Some aspects of the story are explained in the great trailer But since this is the second trailer of the series, everyone is still curious about who is the friend here, who is the enemy and who is the spy. 

We will also tell you the details in the Article today. 

  • What is the story behind the battle scene’s? 
  • Why does he fight with Hizir Rais? Has Ilyas been taken prisoner? 
  • Who is the girl seen in the trailer? 
  • Which characters of Kurulus Osman series will be seen in Barbaros series? 
  • Is there any time left for the series to start? 
  • What is the visible location in the trailer? 
  • What historical event can be seen at the beginning of the story? 

Even more powerful and important information will be told to you in today’s Article Must Read the Article till the end to know the full details 

After the release of two great trailers of the Barbarossa series, now everyone will have to hold their heart Because a series full of action and suspense is waiting for us The value of the series will be revealed with great events and scenes. There is no need to go into details after the release of the trailer. 

The Barbarossa series is one of the most anticipated by fans The wait is almost over And to further fan the craze, the highlights of the series are starting to emerge After the second teaser of the series came out, everyone is asking whether the first episode of the series is also coming soon. We will also tell you the details In the first glimpse, we are introduced only to Oruç Reis and Hızır Reis But the second highlight sheds light on various aspects of the story Which greatly increased the interest of the fans See lots of new faces that everyone is interested to know about 

In addition, we have been briefly introduced to this area and its environment, we will talk in detail. In the second teaser, only two dialogues were heard But they were also so powerful that almost the whole story was hidden behind them The scene begins with everyone’s hero, Engin Altan Which is the most lively character of the first season Engin Altan’s attitude and style has already impressed fans And once again in this series, his personality will captivate everyone,

there is no doubt about it The boat he is on has some luggage and his companion, as well as his younger brother Ilyas In the beginning, they will only be seen carrying goods on boats for commercial purposes And this scene is telling such a story Rise back to the character of the nobleman and the people in the same boat before talking about the sudden civil war in the area. Here your eyes must be on the person sitting behind the rising chief He doesn’t look obvious, but he does look like the Dumrul Alp seen in the Kurulus Osman series. 

It just doesn’t seem right, rather, it is so The actor, who played a double role in the Kurulus Osman series, has appeared in Barbarossa as a partner of the Oruc Reis The presence of such characters in the series will make the story more interesting The villain of the series is also shown And the area from which a new era will begin And the Barbarossa brothers will be kings of the sea There are Brothers in this Scene Of course they are doing business but they look fully trained This is because sea trade is not easy There are many pirates to face Only a brave person can do that Well,

the ruler of the area pictured is a tyrant You may have seen the oppression of slave traders and the imprisonment of some people This scene reminds us of the third season of Dirilis Ertugrul When Ertugrul entered the Hanli bazaar, everything was new to him And there he encountered a variety of enemies and challenges 

It’s the same here As soon as you go to this area, the situation will be assessed And they may intervene in one of them Which will expose their enemy This will be the beginning of a war life away from trade Historically, this area has been the island of Russia and where the rulers may have been the noses of Sanchos The battle of Oruç Reis began with him 

They attacked Oruç Reis and Ilyas As a result, Ilyas was martyred And the Oruç Reis were caught Not only Oruç Reis but also Hızır Reis will be seen here A scene from their fight has also surfaced Here Oruç Reis played a lot of historical phrases There are three kinds of people One who is king Others who are afraid of it And the third from which the king fears You see who the king is You also see who is afraid of them And

everyone knows who the king needs to be afraid Oruç Reis were famous for rescuing the oppressed and bringing the oppressors to a lesson Looking at the situation in the area,

it is clear that they will jump into the fray on their own And we will help them race As he said, brother does not leave brother alone Of course, he is talking about his brother Oruç Reis and Ilyas, especially Oruç Reis Who may get into trouble because of this We’ve seen the Oruç Reis in action at night Of course, Hizir Reis will help them in this task In this teaser, we have seen some suspicious cities besides the real villain Among those unknown faces is Kurtoglu, a fellow Oruç Reis And the girl you see is apparently not a Muslim But going forward,

she will be seen as a supporter of Barbarossa Brother Viewers, we have also been spotted fighting the Oruç Reis in an inn They will take only one step against these demands which will push them into a big war In Sharia, we will see Oruç Reis taking action to save the victims After which they will be formally targeted by the enemy History Oruç Reis will see the beginning of the war mentioned with the Sanchos. 

In a Article , we described this historic event in great detail In which Oruç Reis and his brother Ilyas were attacked Ilyas was killed as a result Viewers will see this happening in the first episodes of the season In addition, We has also seen his worst brother Ishaq in the same trailer His dress was a little different than all the other brothers The reason for this is that in the beginning he was not involved in the wars of his brothers After jumping into the battle of his three brothers, he continued to handle Ishaq’s trade and economic affairs. 

Thus he too later joined the war with the Oruç Reis And continued to face the enemies with them till the last breath But in Start, they will be seen away from war and economic issues Fans have been staring at this series for a long time Now that two highlights of the series have surfaced, fans are finding it difficult to control themselves. 

They are looking forward to the release of this series as soon as possible Everyone is anxious to know when this great series will be released and when the details of these events will reach them As far as the release of this series is concerned, as soon as these two trailers have come out, the viewers are all thinking that maybe this series will also come out very soon. 

Viewers, by the way, are being told about the start of September for the first episode of this series But these terrifying trailers have confused everyone About 20, 22 days after the first teaser came out, the second teaser came out And now the trailer of the first episode is yet to come out One or two highlights will appear in the remaining days Including the trailer of the first Episode And then the first episode in the first week of September or the end of August Viewers

If you like the Article , please like and share it Viewers How did you like this great trailer the scene’s of Engin Altan and Ulaş Tuna fascinated you? Please let us know in the comment box Be sure to ask questions in the comment box about any scenes in the trailer See You Soon!

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Barbaroslar Episode 1 Promo 2 English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 1 Promo 2 Urdu Subtitles

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