Unnecessary calls and messages: The great desire of iPhone users has been fulfilled

Unnecessary calls and messages: The great desire of iPhone users has been fulfilled

California: American technology company Apple has introduced a great feature for iOS users.

Over the past decade, the world of technology has come up with many amazing inventions, of which the mobile phone is considered to be the most important.

With the advent of mobile phones first and then smartphones after modernizing them, where people’s lives have become easier, there have also been some problems.

Before smartphones, office workers had to use computers or laptops to send or receive emails, but now they do so through mobile phones.

In the early days, this facility was no less than a blessing for those working in the office, but now they are fed up with it because even after going home, they often receive emails on their mobiles.

Apple, the US maker of smartphones, has introduced a powerful feature for iPhone users that will make their lives easier.

According to the report, Apple has added a feature called ‘Focus’ in the iPhone’s operating system iOS, through which users can mute incoming calls and emails. This feature was announced at the World Wide Developers Conference yesterday.

According to Apple, users will be allowed to call or email only certain people at night, the rest of the incoming calls and emails will not be blocked during these times, but their notice. Fiction will not appear.

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According to the report, if the user receives a phone call or email, the user will receive a message without ringing the bell, stating that the email or call was not displayed due to the focus feature being disabled. Going

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Similarly, if the user emails or calls such a person, he / she will be informed that the said number or email is not included in the focus.

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