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There are no words for the joy of Barış Arduç, who is preparing to become a father!

Barış Arduç, who made a throne in the hearts with the TV series Kiralık Aşk (Ren for Love) broadcast on Star TV, received great acclaim with the Alparslan Great Seljuk series, which started on TRT1 in the new season.

Barış Arduç, who plays the role of “Sultan Alparslan” in the series, made a strong impression with his effective performance. Barış Arduç, who made the season finale of the Alparslan Great Seljuk series, is currently resting at his home.

Working intensely throughout the season, the actor is enjoying the holiday. The actor, who shares on social media, is also experiencing the excitement of fatherhood these days.

Barış Arduç, who is married to his colleague Gupse Özay, is counting the days to become a father. Gupse Özay is 6 months pregnant, the couple, who will be a mother and father for the first time, is extremely excited.

The handsome actor has not yet taken his baby in his arms, but it is seen that he has already taken the title of paternity from the comments made under the last Instagram post.

Müjgan Koraltürk, the actor friend of Barış Arduç, commented on the last share of the actor, “The most handsome of the fathers”.

Barış Arduç and Gupse Özay became lovers after they acted together in the movie Deliha. The couple, who crowned their 6 years of happy togetherness with a simple wedding in July 2020, did not have a wedding due to the pandemic.

The news that the couple will have a baby soon has appeared in the tabloids in the past weeks. It was learned that the baby of the famous couple, who will be born in September, is also a girl.

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