Welcome To Riaz Aqib Kohler Novels List Page In This Post I Well Share Sniper Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler PDF Free Download This Novel The tumultuous night and day of a sniper whose skill had become a nightmare for him.

I was about to sit on these two branches for about twelve hours. I could only prevent my limbs from being heard by giving me limited movement of my hands and feet. I did not have the luxury of moving more than that. Pak Army Novels

It was not too difficult for me to stop my duty. During the training, I had spent thirty-six, thirty-six hours sitting in a limited space. On one occasion, I had to spend forty-eight hours.

But there is no doubt that there is a difference between training and reality, heaven and earth. Especially for a sniper, it is impossible to imagine a mistake. Our teachers used to say, “A sniper has only one bullet to fire. “My favorite teacher, Henry Capt. Rao Taswar, was even more violent about it. According to him, a sniper has two bullets to fire, the first for the target and the second for himself if he makes a mistake.” Because to fall into the hands of the enemy means to be buried alive.
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Sniper Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler

Sniper Novel Urdu By Riaz Aqib Kohler PDF Download
Sniper Novel Urdu By Riaz Aqib Kohler PDF Download

However, in the event of a bullet hitting, such chaos and confusion spreads that people’s attention is diverted towards the sniper. Even so, the sniper’s goal is to target only important personalities. On the contrary, the opposite is also possible. Because once one of our comrades managed to save his life even after a failed firing. And this was due to his iron will, excellent chemo-flag and high skill in shooting. But eight of his nine bodyguards were selectively killed by our sniper. Had disappeared from

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In fact, a sniper must be mentally alert and well-versed in the art of shooting, so that he can make better decisions according to the circumstances. It is important to keep in mind that in case of any emergency, he can run away and save his life.

Riaz Aqib Kohler Novel Sniper

At the time, I had an Austrian-made SSG rifle, called the Styre Sniper Rifle. There are many better and more standard rifles available today, but that does not mean that they are useful in the presence of good rifles. It can easily hit a man up to 800 yards. Pak Army Novels It has a capacity of five bullets in its magazine, but after each firing, the rifle has to be fired again. The target distance from there was seven hundred yards.

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To suit the green tree, I wore a green gilly suit over my clothes. In the desert, sandy kagili suits that match the dry bushes, in the arid and arid region, the gray gili suit, in the full snowy area, the white gili suit, and in the green area, the dark green gili suit, help the sniper to hide. However, the importance of hiding in sniping is as important as hitting the target, because a sniper can reach the target only by hiding himself.

Sniper Novel Urdu By Riaz Aqib Kohler Complete Pdf

Before leaving, the sniper has planned who Will carry a wet suit of sorts. Sometimes he doesn’t see a place to hide as planned, in which case he temporarily camouflages his leaves to suit the area by soaking the leaves of grassy trees or his body in the mud.

I took the plastic pipe of the water bottle tied to the back and drank some water. Pak Army Novels The weather was pleasant. Otherwise, the heat is a nuisance for the sniper.

I peeked into the telescope site and started looking at the area from left to right. There were scattered trees all around. I liked the place near the turn to make it. The distance from there to the turn was about two kilometers.

Sniper Novel Urdu By Riaz Aqib Kohler PDF Download

I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the two branches for a moment. I felt a slight drowsiness and I shook my head and began to chase away the sleep. At the beginning of the training, we were taught to do everything in pairs, because it is very useful for snipers to work in pairs. My partner in this mission was Hawaldar Sadiq, but unfortunately while crossing the border he got a sprained ankle and I had to leave him in a safe place towards the border a few miles back from here. He is older than me. He was also my teacher.

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And the real responsibility for the completion of this mission was on his shoulders. I was relieved to be back.
I hoped he would be able to walk by the time I got back. I looked at the watch on my wrist. The hands of the clock were ticking past six and a half. I had climbed the tree before five o’clock in the morning. By this time the sun was fully prepared for sunset. The last time I looked from left to right, I stretched out my hand and began to take the ring. In a few more min

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I moved my limbs and drove away the sluggish ones, and then I picked up the roasted gram from the small pack. I took it out and started eating. After eating gram, I put my mouth on the water pipe for drinking water, but I could not get more than two sips of water. There was a spring when I arrived, but to get there I had to wait until it was dark. The enemy’s territory was my movement.

As soon as it got dark, I came down from the tree. I took out the American Night Vision site from the small pack and blindfolded the site with the help of straps attached to the cross. In the dark of night, that site was showing me the area around the moon of the 12th and 13th. I hung the rifle from my shoulder and held the pistol in my hand because it is not possible to fire fast with a sniper rifle. In addition to the sniper rifle, every sniper must carry a well-designed pistol so that he can use it when needed.

Sniper Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler
Sniper Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler

Sniper Novel In PDF Free

The pistol had a silencer fitted to the barrel. The Glock Nineteen was in no way less useful than the Kalashnikov by attaching a 30 round long magazine. Had special skills in the use of
Before taking a step towards the spring, I fulfilled the natural requirement. Then I moved towards the spring. It was a mountainous area.

The weather was very cold even in the month of July. The whiteness of the sun could be seen. Sniper Novel PDf Download Although the contrast of the sun during the day warmed the atmosphere to a great extent, but this heat also had a pleasant effect.

The spring was about one and a half kilometers away from the scaffolding. There could have been a shortfall of twenty-five or thirty yards in this approximately one and a half kilometer, not more than that, because estimating distances for a sniper is not a useless hobby but a part of training, which is useful later in practical life.
Looking around, I moved towards the spring at a normal speed.

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There was no danger of a herd of wild animals. Although bears and lions are occasionally seen in this area, but such an incident rarely occurs. However, there are a large number of reptiles. Enemy patrols also patrolled the existing roads, so I was unconcerned with them. The unknown area, the enemy’s land and the danger of an accident before the completion of the goal and many such feelings were definitely in my heart.

A light breeze began to blow. This wind causes the cold to increase. Because it turns around from the icy peaks and reaches here. The water was cold and sweet. After being full, I took out a plastic bottle from the small pack and started filling it. After filling the bottle, I put it in the small pack and walked back. Determining the direction was necessary. Although I had a compass, but the sky was clear, I did not feel the need.

The essentials of a sniper are the presence of compass, binoculars, night vision site, map, knife, rope, wind meter, flashlight, lighter or matches and wire cutter etc.



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