PFA dumps 1,400 kg substandard chicken meat

PFA dumps 1,400 kg substandard chicken meat

RAWALPINDI: Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Wednesday dumped as many as 1,400 kg of substandard chicken meat during a grand operation in Rawalpindi, ARY News reported. 

As per details, the operation was carried out in Mandi Bagh Sardaran. The PFA teams on the occasion recovered ill-chicken weighing 1,400 and dumped the same.

The dumped chicken meat was to be supplied to the wholesalers and distributors. The owners of the vehicles were also fined by the PFA.

Last week, it emerged that a respiratory disease similar to the coronavirus is rapidly spreading among chicken across the country.

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A disease called ‘infectious coryza has spread in poultry farms across Pakistan and a number of poultry farms in Karachi had been closed after the disease.

Infectious coryza is an acute respiratory disease of chicken characterized by decreased activity, nasal discharge, sneezing, and facial swelling that occurs worldwide.

The disease apparently affects only chicken; reports in quail and pheasants likely describe a similar disease caused by a different bacterium.


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