Is the moon's orbit changing? Important news
Moon’s orbit changing? Important news

Moon’s orbit changing? Important news

WASHINGTON: An American politician has come up with a bizarre logic to protect the planet from climate change.

According to international media reports, US politician Louis Gomert has made a bizarre demand in the Congressional Committee on Natural Resources to protect the earth from climate change.

“We have to change the orbit of the moon to keep the earth safe,” he said.

“The US Department of Forests has done a lot of work to tackle climate change, but it has not been very successful,” said Louis Gomert.

Addressing US Forest Department officials, the politician said, “The flammable eruptions from the sun are a major cause of changes in the Earth’s climate. If the Earth’s lunar orbit were changed, the planet could be safe.” ‘

“The former head of NASA told me that the Earth’s orbit and the sun have changed, which is why solar flares have intensified,” he said. “Should the Department of Forests and Land Records keep the moon or Earth’s orbit?” Can’t change, this move will have a good effect on the earth.

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When Louie finished, all the members were silent for a long time. When the matter came up after the meeting, members and scientists called the politician’s statement ridiculous and said that he had earlier advised us to move out of the country soon.

According to US media reports, the Republican congressman is a former lawyer, who has been called a stupid politician because of his ridiculous statements.

What is an orbit?

The orbit of a planet’s sun and moon orbiting another planet is called an orbit. The orbit of each planet is different.

Astronomers say the closest planet to the Sun is Mercury, while a new planet away from Pluto, Iris, has been discovered, as well as millions of planets orbiting the Sun in the orbit around Jupiter and the patient.



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